Busy Bee is a game script for OpenTTD 1.4.2 or newer.

The script gives a number of goals to achieve (number of goals can be set by a parameter). It requests a given amount of cargo of a given type to deliver to a given destination within a time frame.

You have to build the transport connection, and deliver the requested amount. When that is done, the goal is considered to be fulfilled. It is removed from the list, and a new goal is created (may take a while) for you to fulfill.

You don't get anything when you fulfill the goal. There is also no penalty for failing to achieve a goal. The purpose of the timer is to get rid of obsolete or unreachable goals. (For example, the last oil wells disappeared from the map before you could finish the oil goal.) You can increase the length of the timer with a parameter.

Latest nightly: http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/busy-bee-gs/nightlies/LATEST/

Latest release: http://bundles.openttdcoop.org/busy-bee-gs/releases/LATEST/

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