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Come and join us on IRC! #dragonforums on for up to date information on both the British Rail OpenTTD Set and the UK Bus Set!

New Forums (1 comment)

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The new and improved Dragon Forums are now online!, over the course of today all remaining bugs will be ironed out and the old forums (which are all locked) taken offline.

The switch to SMF was made as i've got fed up with PHPBB3, and what with SMF 2.0 due soon it'll be very exciting.
All users, posts and attachements have transferred over to the new forums, and myself and the BROS team look forward to seeing you there!

2nd Teaser GRF (2 comments)

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James has very nicely coded a Central Trains GRF that includes the Central and Centro liveries of 150 and the Central 153, 156 and 158.

Teaser GRF

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post from: by andythenorth

Right here you go: an unofficial I-asked-nobody-and-nobody-asked-me teaser for the BR Set. DJ Nekkid did the same thing for me with HEQS, and it was a nice spur to get the thing done.

Contents: 1 x class 20 in Blue*, courtesy Dan MacK. Completely unrealistic stats, and I won't warrant the code is good, I've never done trains before. I don't know what use it is, but it goes in circles nicely.

  • Yep Pikka has already done that. But hey, this one's


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