The BROS, which is a set managed by the community, aims to provide a complete set of train graphics of trains that have been used in the United Kingdom (This does not include Ireland). We aim to draw every single locomotive (steam/diesel/electric), every single multiple unit (electric or diesel), every single carriage and wagon as well as almost every train livery that has ever existed!

Development of this set changes quickly, Most Multiple Units are drawn (thanks to Extspotter, Beardie, Doorslammer, Audigex and others) and attention is switching to the locomotives, Ronstar has made a start on the steam locomotives and Doorslammer keeps playing with his 37's and Deltics, but there is still a lot to get involved with!

From the Jubilee to the A4 Pacific, Pacer to Networker, the British Rail OpenTTD Set aims to be the most comprehensive UK rail set for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Please join and help us make this aim a reality!

The BROS Team currently comprises of over 20 members!

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