Small, simple and non-competitive AI, that will build 1 passenger-service (2 buses) and 1 mail-service (4 trucks). The passenger-service is constructed in the biggest town on the map right after starting the AI. The mail-service will be build only if the following preconditions are fulfilled:
- Loan is less or equal than 20 % of maximum loan and
- the town to build the service in (the biggest town on the map at that point of time) has >= 9k inhabitants

Features are:
- Updating stations (moving outwards (from town center) in dependency of count of inhabitants) every five years after inauguration to a max distance of 16 tiles
- Renew aged vehicles
- Replace crashed/lost vehicles
- Replace/Upgrade vehicles by newer models/engines
- Funds managing: Take loan where required, repay where possible.

Have fun with it.

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Manager: gelignite