This project provides a GRF build infrastructure for the 32 bit-per-pixel "extra zoom"
graphics that were developed for OpenTTD. The .grf file which this project builds is
suitable for use in OpenTTD versions 1.2.0 and above.

The project builds a single .grf file which contains graphics replacements for the
base-, arctic-, tropical- and extra-sets, and it can be loaded ontop of any graphics
baseset (It has been tested and confirmed to work on top of original_windows,
OpenGFX and zBase)


Before release 1.2.0 of OpenTTD, an official patch to OpenTTD named "Extra zoom" existed
which allowed zooming in the game to a level 4x more detailed than either the original
TTDeluxe game graphics, or the OpenGFX graphics. Furthermore OpenTTD already supported
32bit-per-pixel graphics, and the combination of these led a group of artists (See also
the "AUTHORS" file in this project) to produce a set of highly detailed graphics known as
the "32bpp Extra Zoom" project. Most of the activity of this group can still be traced
here: http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=36474

With release 1.2.0 of OpenTTD, the extra zoom levels from the patch were merged into the
main development release of OpenTTD, but the graphics syntax of the required 32bpp
graphics content was changed. Among other things, 32bpp graphics were now expected to
be embedded inside a ".grf" (so-called "NewGRF") file. As most graphics from the
"32bpp Extra Zoom" project had been developed for the patch and pre-1.2.0 OpenTTD, which
loaded graphics using .tar files, this work was in danger of being unusable and lost or
forgotten with the newer releases of OpenTTD.

The purpose of this project is to incorporate as many as possible of the original
"32bpp Extra Zoom" graphics work as possible, but ported to the new standards and
requirements of the latest releases of OpenTTD (1.2.0 and newer, up to at least 1.4.xxx).

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Manager: jimmyb5