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OSQC Challenge

This project is about the Openttdcoop Scenario Quest Competition challenge.

Get the current scenario file from the files section:

Submit your savegame by creating a new issue, select "OSQC2" as category. If you want to re-submit your savegame, please update your previously created issue....


#openttdcoop Pixel is a project aiming to be a hub for NewGRF creation, storing and linking articles, tutorials, templates and the like.

This page has been started in early November 2012 with hope that I would start writing about the knowledge I absorbed by learning from the original TTD base set, trying to draw trains myself....


Some strange test


Tools which are useful for server admins, like wrappers, programmes connecting to the admin port, web configurators etc.

Admin Soap

Supybot OpenTTD Administration Plugin

Openttd File Scripts

A collection of python scripts which make it easier to handle openttd-related files. Especially usefull for remote operation through ssh.


Autopilot (AP+ 4.0) now available with Mercurial:

hg qclone

Download Patches (list of patches)...


C# clone of Joan, a library to interface OpenTTD's admin port


Generic Bot making use of Joan. Plugins are found in the Berries Project.



Official Plugins for Grapes.

Java OpenTTD Admin Library

The Java OpenTTD Admin Library (joan) is a library which takes over the communication part with an OpenTTD (dedicated) server.

Focus on your Project instead of mucking around with tedious Packet handling.
Let Joan do the (net)work for you.

zZz - Sleeping Tools
#openttdcoop Avignon Plugin
Coopetition ladder

Ladder to keep track of scores in coopetition, available at Also to be discussed in #coopetition at

Java Game Logfile Analyzer

Web frontends for OpenTTD and admin tools

OpenTTD WebConfig

A tool to configure an OpenTTD server via web interface.

Tested with OpenTTD 1.0.4, Apache2 and PHP 5.2.4 on Windows and Ubuntu Linux. No reason it shouldn't work on any other platform, given PHP.

Download using Mercurial: $hg clone


PHP library to query OpenTTD servers for current game information.


A Webinterface to fully administrate a OpenTTD dedicated Server.
Here is a list of a few Features which are planned:
-Create new openttd.cfg
-Edit existing one (local gameserver or up/download cfg)
-Change server state (start/stop/restart/pause/resume)...

AI Dev

NoAI- and AI-library projects for OpenTTD

Apply for a new project here.


AdmiralAI is an AI that tries to implement as many features from the API as possible. Currently it supports trains, road vehicles (including trams) and planes. One of the main goals is to make an AI that is fun to play against. I've tried to do this by making it play varied (using several types of transport)....

AI Libraries

This is the AI libraries that (might be) needed to run AIs in OpenTTD

AI-Lib Common

Common Library series :
Series of library that contain assorted function that hopefully to be useful for many AI writers.

Common :
General function that have no category yet

Get the latest build:
AI-Lib Direction

Common Library series :
Series of library that contain assorted function that hopefully to be useful for many AI writers.

Direction :
Provide direction handling for AI

Get the latest build:
AI-Lib List

Common Library series :
Series of library that contain assorted function that hopefully to be useful for many AI writers.

List :
An improvement of API - AIList, which can call do command inside valuator and several other functions

Get the latest build:...

AI-Lib String

Common Library series :
Series of library that contain assorted function that hopefully to be useful for many AI writers.

String :
Provide string handling for AI

Get the latest build:
AI-Lib Tile

Common Library series :
Series of library that contain assorted function that hopefully to be useful for many AI writers.

Tile :
Improvement on API - AITile functions

Get the latest build:

A competitor for A* - D* Lite.

Will deal with the pathfinder and everything dependent on it (Adapted RoadPathFinder and RailPathFinder).

Engine Class Library

engine class library

Library: Graph.AyStar

An implementation of A* in squirrel.

Library: Pathfinder.Rail

A rail pathfinder.

Library: Pathfinder.Road

Moved to GitHub

Library: Queue.BinaryHeap

A binary heap implemented completely in squirrel.

Library: Queue.FibonacciHeap

A fibonacci heap implemented completely in squirrel.

Library: Queue.PriorityQueue

A priority queue completely implemented in squirrel.

Minchin's AI MetaLibrary
Script Communication Protocol

These are libraries for AI and GS that allow scripts to communicate with each others.
An AI handling the Script Communication Protocol (SCP) will then be able to communicate with a GS that also handle it, and could per example query the GS configuration to adapt to it....


SuperLib is

  • a utility library
  • divided into sub libraries (Helper, Tile, Direction, ...)
  • based on code that has been refactored out of CluelessPlus and PAXLink. Mostly it is functions that both AIs use or that fit best within the sub libraries.

Trans is an AI player for OpenTTD. It try to transporting cargoes from/to any towns and industries using Bus, Truck, Tram, Aircraft and Ship.

See on TT-Forum

AI: WrightAI

WrightAI is a simple example AI. Currently there are many better AIs available, but if you want to start with wring you own AI this is a nice starting point. WrightAI was the first working AI for the NoAI framework that actually builds something useful and that is where the name came from (wright is archaic English for craftsman or builder)....


An AI that is use to test vehicles against it, first aim is for AI authors to see properties of vehicles by an AI and look out for newGRF vehicles problems.


A general purpose AI that do bus, truck and air transport. CluelessPlus is the successor of Clueless that was the first user-AI to be published for NoAI.


An AI that try to rule the world.


An AI for openTTD that transports mail between towns with either trucks or trains.
This AI has been build for openTTD v1.0.3


Lord Aro's really feeble attempt at creating an AI for OpenTTD. Currently buses only.

AI: gelignAIte

Small, simple and non-competitive AI, that will build 1 passenger-service (2 buses) and 1 mail-service (4 trucks). The passenger-service is constructed in the biggest town on the map right after starting the AI. The mail-service will be build only if the following preconditions are fulfilled:...

Rythorn Airline AI

Rythorn Airline AI by Sevestra Rythorn is a fork of WrightAI that adds some customization without changing too much of the underlying mechanics. It also contains code that picks a company name and company president from a list of characters from my work in progress book, The Chronicles of Rythorn. Said code was found on the TT-Forums in a thread by Asimov answered by Yexo and customized by me....

Treehugging AI

TREE is an eyecandy AI that plants trees and lets the user control how many it plants (and where) instead of the general explosion of trees normally encountered in openttd games.
Note that this AI needs to be cheated some money to function.

Tutorial AI

An AI which will show you the game

Many people have suggested in-game tutorials. Some (including me) have even suggested to use the current capabilities of the NoAI system rather than wishing that there was even better APIs to use. This project is an aim to test and try the approach to make use of the AI APIs to create an in-game tutorial for OpenTTD. Trying to make the best out of what we actually have....


WormAI is an AI for OpenTTD

Base Data Sets

This project has been moved to

The OpenGFX project for OpenTTD: a free replacement of the base graphics so that OpenTTD can be shipped finally fully functional without the need for additional downloads.

Checkout: ...

OpenGFX Testsuite
OpenGFX 32bpp

OpenGFX 32bpp is a subproject of OpenGFX.
Aim of the project is to provide 32bpp sprites in the style of OpenGFX 8bpp ones.



This project has been moved to

Open Music set for OpenTTD




openttd.grf water-features

development grf for providing extended water feature sprites (river etc) for openttd


Zephyris's 32bpp base set with full 32bpp support in a unified graphics style.

Discuss it here:

Download recent builds of these graphics here:


NML source for zBase.
To build you should clone zBuild, not zBaseBuild.


Project to build the sprites from the zBase project


End of Track - bumpers as objects


Cargo payment and station rating fixtures for FIRS,
additional small industries.

Game Scripts

Gamescript and GS-library projects for OpenTTD

Apply for a new project here.

Bee Productive GS

Fork of Busy Bee that explore the possibilities for GS to control industry production by sending messages to NewGRF.

See also

Bee Reward

Latest nightly:

Latest release:

Busy Bee GS

Busy Bee is a game script for OpenTTD 1.4.2 or newer.

The script gives a number of goals to achieve (number of goals can be set by a parameter). It requests a given amount of cargo of a given type to deliver to a given destination within a time frame.

CityBuilder GS

Simple City Builder script

Almost perfect recreation of Luukland / Nopovalis City Builder in game script coat.

If you want to contribute with translations, please head to

GS Libraries

Libraries for game scripts


TileLabels is a library that let you put signs in a scenario and then access the location of those tiles by their name. This library removes all the signs and keep them in memory for you so that players won't see them.

The library supports (and encourages) a prefix for these special signs. Signs that doesn't contain this prefix will be untouched....


ToyLib is a set of libraries for noai and nogo to allow AIs ask money to GS and allow GS provide them money thru the libs.
The aim is to provide an easy way to GS author to support that option and having many GS handle toy AIs that cannot survive without some fresh money....


Awards GameScript allow players to wins award, medals and rewards while playing openttd.

Neighbours are important

Sets cargo goals for growing towns with a twist. The basics is that as towns grow, the monthly delivery of cargo will grow. To spice it up a bit, the larger your neighbouring towns are, the smaller the cargo requirement of growth is. Thus it encourage you to grow not just one town but also its neighbours....

Renewed City Growth This is a game script which purpose is to completely redefine city growth by cargo deliveries.

A huge thanks to all the people helping me to set this up, like planetmaker, Zuu and specially krinn, whose advices helped a lot to improve the code....


This is a special Game Script that doesn't do anything on its own. Instead it expose the Game Script API to Admin Port clients.


A script that adds cargo requirements to town growth. Requirements adjust depending on used newGRFs.


A Tutorial for OpenTTD, implemented as a GameScript

Game Servers
Stable - #openttdcoop Welcome Server

Create a ticket for proposing next game...

try to avoid non-bananas newgrfs

GRF Tools

GRFMaker is a Windows program that allows creating GRF files for TTDPatch and OpenTTD with a graphical user interface. You will still need to be at home the NFO specification to be able to create GRFs, but GRFMaker removes some of the hairier bits of NFO coding....

NewGRF build framework

This projects aims at providing a starting point for new NewGRF projects.
It provides the framework and build system for an arbitrary newgrf project.

Managers should checkout this project (or download the files) and adopt Makefile.config to their new project....

Make NML Fork

make-nml fork, common part
Makefile for NML-based NewGRFs

An example NML project with a makefile.

This is an example project which builds some graphics from source and results in a small grf file.

Makefile for NewGRFs: Common part

This is the (sub)repo which can be included and used by any NewGRF project.

GRFCodec / NFORenum

This project has been moved to

A tool to convert a GRF file into graphics files and meta data, and vice versa.

Download the release
Download the nightly...

NewGRF Meta Language

This project has been moved to

A tool to convert a meta-language to grf and/or nfo files, making newgrf coding easier.

The repository for NML is now on GitHub

Do not use the repository here, thanks....


needed to setup .wine on our build system to build windows executable nmlc

(nmlc.exe with pil, ply and python)
setup according to #2351

simple install as user:


NewGRF Viewer

GUI viewer for newGRF files. Intended to make it easier to understand GRFs without having to pick through the NFO so much.


Procedural pixel art generation / compositing


A small javascript webpage which allows to draw and generate vehicles sprites based on the views of three sides of the vehicle


The NML fork
TIQ (TTD Image Quantizer)

Converts images into 8-bit TTD images.

Usage help:

tiq -h


This project has been moved to

Eints is a newgrf translation service.

The latest manual can be found at
Eints for OpenTTD

This project has been moved to

Fork with specific changes.
Mostly scripts and appearance.


Different projects which fit no category

Python 3 Redmine Web Services Library

Port of to python 3.

- 2to3
- string<->bytearray encode/decode stuff

Issue query and creation works. Otherwise untested.


NewGRFs for OpenTTD and TTDPatch.

#openttdcoop NewGRF package

Every NewGRF in this pack has it's own License, please respect those. You are not allowed to distribute or make derivatives from something from this pack, unless something else is stated explicitly by the NewGRF in question.

Note: the pack is now managed with Mercurial...

2cc train set

Development repository of the 2cc train set for OTTD.


Check out the repository using

hg clone

Build Dependencies:
- nforenum and grfcodec (of course)...

2cc Trams

Drawing tracking table:

Development builds:

TT-forums topic:


2cc Trainset recoded in NML

Release thread:

Development thread:





hg clone

32bpp Extra is an open source 32bpp replacement for the 8bpp sprites that were not present in the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD) graphics but were added to the game by the OpenTTD developments....



This project provides a GRF build infrastructure for the 32 bit-per-pixel "extra zoom"
graphics that were developed for OpenTTD. The .grf file which this project builds is
suitable for use in OpenTTD versions 1.2.0 and above.

The project builds a single .grf file which contains graphics replacements for the...

American Train Pack
British Modular Station Set
BRIX Realism Is XXXX

BRIX Realism Is XXXX is a graphics replacement NewGRF.

The main official download is at BaNaNaS but you can download alternative lightweight versions without 32bpp:

Canadian Railway Set

Rolling Stock for the Railways of Canada in both standard and Narrow Gauge from the 1800's to present.

Tracking table:

Canadian Trains

Canadian Trains by knuckle

CATS Adaptive Train Stations

A station set which aims to be easy to use while providing control to the player.

The main goal is to have nice stations which detect and show any known cargo in the game.

Cargo sprites are about to be inherited from NUTS/YETI.

Central European Train Set

Trains from central Europe (Germany, later Austria and Switzerland), drawn without exception to a scale of two pixels per meter. Includes extra sprites used when vehicles are turning for better looks.


Trains from Luxembourg

CHIPS Station Set

Cargo Handling In Progress Set?
CHIPS Has Improved Players Stations?

Moved to

Comic Style Houses

Comic style houses based on Simutran's comic PAK96.

DACH Trains

DACH Trainset provides rail vehicles from the region around lake Constance

DACh - Narrow Gauge

Here is the project for Narrow Gauge stuff

DOOM Obscenely Oversized Machinery

The vehicles which are HUGE, bend like MAD, and yes. 32bpp rendered pixels. Gameplay convenience even better than NUTS, simpler to play yet fun. Ultimate Wagon included.


This subproject aims to collect all Dutch NewGRFs.

Dutch Rail Furniture

Dutch Signals, Catenary and Level Crossings. And maybe some other stuff.

Dutch Road Furniture

Dutch Road Furniture is an eyecandy object NewGRF that features
road furniture which can be found alongside Dutch roads.

Latest release | Latest nightly...

Dutch Track Set

A set of Dutch railtypes to go with the Dutch Trainset.

Dutch Station Set
Dutch Trains 2

Development of Dutch Trainset 2.0

Dutch Tram Set

Home of the Dutch Tram Set NML recode.

This project aims at recoding the Dutch Tram Set in NML as well as expanding it with some new features and new vehicles.


ECS Vectors is a set that defines new cargoes and industries, grouped into blocks (Vectors).

ECS industry extension

Small industry extension providing some 'missing' terminal industries (for example petrol station, vehicle dealer) instead of relying on special town houses.
These industries must replace houses, cargo stockpile capacity is limited and cargo consumption rate depend on town population....

Fake Bridges

Fake Bridges is an eyecandy object NewGRF that introduces fake bridges to decorate your tt-world. Place them in water against foundations to simulate water flowing under the object. Includes fake water to create underwater tunnels. Foundations are from VAST+ Infrastructure by dnicholls...

Fake Subways

This Fake Subway Road Vehicles GRF provides articulated "road" vehicles that are intended to mimic subway trains running beneath the road surfaces. They show up on the map as "shadows", to give the appearance of being underground. Each type of vehicle is available in 2-8 carriage consists, selectable via refit option. For more information, visit the forum thread linked below....

Finnish Trainset

The Finnish Trainset is a NewGRF featuring Finnish Rolling stock from 1870 to present day.

Latest development builds

TT-forums thread

Finnish Trams

Automatic builds:
Web translator:


FIRS Industry Replacement Set

Moved to


FRISS - Stations and Other Infrastructure

Finnish Rail Infrastructure & Stations Set

Nightly builds and releases:

Tracking table:


FRISS - Rail Infrastructure

Rail infrastructure part of FRISS. Includes Finnish rails, tunnels, signals and level crossings.

Forum thread:

Nightly builds:

Tracking table:


Trains for the Goldrush scenery

HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set

"Heavy Equipment" road vehicle set

Moved to

Hover vehicles

Hover vehicles

Hungarian Industry Set
Hungarian Set

Hungarian set is the comprehensive name of the Ikarus Set, the Hungarian Truck set and the MÁV Set.



IMessenger NewGRF

Industry Messenger NewGRF

This NewGRF is made to react on messages sent from GS. Requires patch.

See more info here:

Industrial Stations Renewal

Industrial Station Renewal Set supplies a broad range of station tiles for all kind of industries




Into the Sun

Tropic Refurbishment Set redone in NML (+ more to come)

Tracking table:

Iron Horse

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

Project moved to

Japan Set

NewGRFs in the Japan Set

Japanese Buildings
Japanese Faces
Japanese Landscape
Japanese Signals
Japanese Stations
Japanese Town Names
Japanese Tracks
Japanese Trains
Japanese Trains Addon
Japanese Trams

Set started by Steven Hoefel... Never finished.

Current vehicles:

  • From Hiroshima:
    • 238-hannover: 46 people, 10.1t, 1928, 123HP, 30km/h
    • 900: 80 peepz, 16.5t, 1957, 120HP, 45km/h
    • 70-dortmund: 150 people, 33t, 1959,348HP, 65km/h
    • 3000: 180 people, 30.09t, 1963, 332HP, 55km/h ...
Japanese Trees

GUI sprites derived from vector graphics

Long vehicles

Fork of the OpenGFX+ Industries newgrf.
Primary industries productivity boosted by passenger flow.
Additional switches for industry creation/closure control. Logging camp forest replacement option. Stockpiles with hysteresis and dynamic productivity rate. ...

Logging Camp

Forest replacement: logging camp cut trees like lumber mill, but is available for temperate and arctic climate. Unlike lumber mill, forest logging camps appears randomly on the map and keep tree growth balanced (especially useful for large multiplayer maps)....


Some small NewGRFs which mainly change only a piece of code or a single sprite.

Base Costs Mod There are currently 3 supported versions:
  1. 3.3 parameter pairs, grfv7, openttd <1.2
  2. 4.0 parameter pairs, grfv8, openttd >=1.2
  3. 5.0 one parameter per cost, grfv8, openttd >=1.2
    (5.0 has a new GRFID and bananas entry, so it can be used in parallel to 4.0)...
Base Costs Mod - Presets Supported Sets:
  • BaseCosts hard (default)
  • Luukland hard/easy
  • Cadde hard


Modular Stations 32 bpp (MODS32)

Modular Train Stations in 32 bpp Graphics. Coding done using m4nfo

Narrow gauge 600mm

This add-on set offers narrow gauge steam locomotives and rolling stock similar to these featured by
HEQS set, although with train, not tram functionality.
Additional low-speed cheap 600mm track type is provided, compatible with these tiny locomotives....

New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet

New monorail and maglev trainset.


Will be compatible (from an economical perspective) to the Dutch Trainset v2.0 and 2cc-set v2.0

Source: hg clone

North American Road Trucks




North American Road Vehicle Set

All kinds of North American road vehicles, currently buses and trams from 1910 to today.

NSB (Norske Statsbaner) Trainset

A recode of the outdated NSB Trainset.


A NewGRF wich provides double sized GUI sprites


OpenGFX Mars

A set of Martian NewGRFs in the OpenGFX style. This set provides terrain and landscape, town, industry and cargo, rail, road, air and water NewGRFs to completely convert the temperate, arctic, tropical and toyland climates into temperate, arctic, tropical and polar Mars....

OpenGFX Mars Aircraft
OpenGFX Mars Airports
OpenGFX Mars Colonies
OpenGFX Mars Graphics
OpenGFX Mars Industries
OpenGFX Mars Landscape and Trees
OpenGFX Mars Roads and Rovers
OpenGFX Mars Town Names

Martian town names based on real place names on Mars.

OpenGFX Mars Tracks and Trains
OpenGFX Mars Extended
OpenGFX Mars Extend Road Vehicles
OpenGFX Trees

A bunch of new trees to replace old trees.


OpenGFX+ Add-on newgrfs extend and refine OpenGFX with additional vehicles and features unaccessible to base sets.
This project has been split into the individual sub-projects. Please look at them instead.


OpenGFX+ Aircraft

Aircraft with more refit options and in 32bpp

OpenGFX+ Airports

Rotatable airports with climate dependence.

Forum topic:

Download release:
Download nightly:

OpenGFX+ Houses

Houses, fully ground and snow aware and with 32bpp support

OpenGFX+ Industries

OpenGFX+ Industries slightly extends the existing OpenTTD industries and fix issues like certain industries never closing so that one will end up with tons of those industries on the map.

Forum release thread:

OpenGFX+ Landscape

Landscape with and without grid, alpine climate and other landscape enhancements

Forum development thread:

Forum release thread:...

OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles

OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles enhances default road vehicles to be able to handle new cargos, and extends them with new road vehicles and trams. Designed to match the OpenGFX style.


Release thread:

OpenGFX+ Ships

Ships refittable with improved cargo graphics and in 32bpp

OpenGFX+ Trains

Add-on newgrf which extends the default rail vehicles such that some gaps in the timeline are closed and that they can handle new cargos nicely.
Download Nightly
Download Release...

OpenGFX+ Trains 32bpp

OpenGFX+ Trains in 32bpp

OpenGFX+ Trains renders

Render sources and related files of OpenGFX+ Trains

OpenGFX+ Airport as Objects

OpenGFX+ Airport tiles as NewObjects

Ore Unloader Station

Ore Unloader Station



PART Assembled Road Trains

sqrt of NUTS

Planet of the apes: Ghat landscape

Planet of the apes: Ghat landscape set


NewGRFs with Polish theme

Polish Building Set
Polish PKP Set 2.0

Polish PKP Set 2.0 is the NewGRF trainset containing typically polish rolling stock since 1918 to the present.

Polish PKP narrow gauge

Polish narrow gauge set, basically running on 750 or 1000 mm gauge (600 mm gauge would be theme of different set).
Currently NAAN trackset is mandatory to activate vehicles, preasumably built-in trackset would be included in future.

Polish PKP Set

An attempt to make Polish PKP Set v1.6 FIRS/ECS/PBI compatible before official release. Work in progress with help from


Set of trucks, vans and buses builded or used in Poland. General purpose truck are designed to carry every kind of cargo, but need to be refitted to the appropriate cargo class. Refitted truck can use station autorefit feature for free within its truck body class....


Poltrams newgrf allow to use most popular Polish trams: starting from XIX century horse trams, trough pre-war Sanok and variety of PPR Konstal products, ending with modern Alstom, Pesa and Bombardier vehicles, with 1cc and 2cc liveries.

PostAuto vehicle set

Vehicles based on swiss Post cars

Preindustrial era houses

Simply newgrf to allow coal delivery to towns instead of power plants. Power plants are not available before 1883.

Progressive Train Set

1. Provide a long stream of useful engines, introduced regularly (every 10 years?).
2. Make upgrading between networks easy.
3. Pre-pick the engines, so it's fairly obvious at game time which is the best engine.
4. Allow engines to generally run on the same network....

RAWR Absolute World Replacement

RAWR Absolute World Replacement
is another of my 32bpp/ExtraZoom projects, aiming to replace everything in base OpenTTD, and evenctually create a base set.

Starting with landscape, I had to add roads and tracks to get at least a solid base so it does not look too awkward....


FISH fork for adjusted ship properties

Revived US Trainset

Revived US Trainset is a rewrite of the US Set

Soylent industries

Project to quickly test a few sprites

Squid Ate FISH

Squid Ate FISH

(and if you look far enough into the repo, also FISH, up to version 0.9.2).

Swedish Houses

Swedish Houses by Irwe and as


Total Alpine Replacement Set

TARS Objects

Collection of alpine-themed NewObjects

TARS Landscapes

A collection of alpine landscape-theme NewObjects.

TARS Lodges

A collection of alpine mountain lodges as NewObjects.

TARS Mountain Lifts

A collection of Mountain Lifts.

TARS Pistes

A collection of skiing-theme NewObjects

TARS Stations

Experimental station set with alpine-style stations.

TARS Towns

Alpine-themed town buildings

Trains of Europe

This is a collection of NewGRFs that will epitomise European railroading at its finest.

Trains Of Europe - Generic

The continuation of Generic European Set. Includes a selection of various trains from all over Europe in 2CC.

Trains of Europe - Tracks

The track set, which contains new railtypes of different voltages and gauges. Intended for use with Trains of Europe - Generic and other future trainsets.

Tropic Refurbishment Set Extender

Add-on NewGRF to accompany Tropic Refurbishment Set.

Adds cargo class suport for cargoes, so Tropic Refurbishment Set wagons become compatible with industry sets like YETI or FIRS for example.

Additionally adds train flipping support (Ctrl+click in the depot when train is stopped) to some vehicles....

UK Towns

UK Townset by Zephyris

Release thread here:
Discussion thread here:

NUTS Unrealistic Train Set

NUTS Unrealistic Train Set (as it's current name goes) is meant to be based on being perfectly playable with zero link to any "real" engines or whatever. The aim overall is gameplay from 1920 till past 2050 for all climates and include support of YETI, FIRS, ECS and PBI. Trains are divided into various Classes in which a new generation comes every decade or so; by spreading the trains in the decade, a new train comes every 2 years which should make for a truly entertaining game because at the same time the player can choose from multiple reasonable options at any point of the game....

Unsinkable Sam

Ship Cats

Project moved to

Useless Tracks

Lifted tracks and planning tracks. Lifted tracks only show ballast and can be used to keep your old and disused rail lines visible in the landscape. The planning tracks allow plotting new rail lines. Both railtypes do not allow vehicles.
License: GPLv2 or higher....

V4 Train Set

Train set based on 2cct fork and focused mainly on railways from Visegrad Group region and other Central and East European countries.

Vactrain Set

A set which adds a Vacuum Tube railtype and accompanying trains to OpenTTD, enabling more interesting future gameplay.

Varivar's 32bpp Graphics

Revised graphics from the old 32bpp replacement project.


VAST NewGRF collection. Individual projects are in subrepositories.
Info & releases:

VAST Objects

A set of generic object graphics. Includes paths, parks and gardens.

VAST+ Fences

A set of wall and fence objects.


A library of NML functions, definitions and sprites used in VAST projects.

VAST+ Industry

A set of objects with a commercial/industrial theme.

VAST+ Infrastructure

A set of infrastructure graphics.


Trains from the former Soviet Union




YETI Extended Towns & Industries

YETI Extended Towns & Industries is meant to be a set of industries which is simple, yet gives a lot of options to the player.
Industry chains must be SYSTEMATIC, so the player gets less CONFUSED, while I want to MOTIVATE the player to connect ALL of the chains by CONNECTING the chains with SUPPLIES and WORKERS....


Projects listed here didn't go productive yet or are abandoned.

Britrains (BROS based on CETS)

BROS coded with Python Script by oberhuemer, using the base code of CETS.


The BROS, which is a set managed by the community, aims to provide a complete set of train graphics of trains that have been used in the United Kingdom (This does not include Ireland). We aim to draw every single locomotive (steam/diesel/electric), every single multiple unit (electric or diesel), every single carriage and wagon as well as almost every train livery that has ever existed!...

BROS (Nysosis Version)

The latest incarnation of BROS, Not compatible with the parent grf.

Dutch Train Set (deprecated)

Dutch - Trainset (DJ Nekkid and Friends remix)

This was meant as a recode of the Dutch Trainset v1, it is now superseded by Dutch Trainset 2:

Total Town Replacement Set 4

A re-write and extension of the current Total Town Replacement Set 3

UK Houses Set

Houses from the UK

UKRS 2 Add-ons

andythenorth wanted to contribute some graphics to Pikka's UKRS 2, and thought this would be a good place to keep them.

Road Hog

Such tramz. Such trucks. Such Hog.

Sailing Ships

Sailing Ship NewGRF by Mouse


Train set modelling the SBB-CFF-FFS (Swiss Federal Railways)


Mines and other raw material industries in the smooth economy default industry can grow too large. This NewGRF will cap the max production level of these industries at lower level.

SNCF Train Set

The SNCF Train Set provides trains from all the France. For the moment, this is a prealpha.
Forum :

Snowline mod

A small newgrf which allows to set a varying snow line.

The 2cc Bus Set

The bus set in 2cc+gray

TT-Forums page:

Tracking table:

Total Bridge Replacement Set

svn checkout


Narrow Gauge, High Speed:

Town Names

If you like help to code your Town Names NewGRF, please open a Ticket or meet us on IRC.

Alberta Town Names

Releases at
Current version is 3

From 'Acme' to 'Zama City,' this is a collection of 1500+ real Alberta, Canada place names. They were taken from cities, towns, villages, hamlets and neighbourhoods around the province and all exist! Although strong English roots show, French and First Nations (Indian) names figure prominently as well....

Animal Kingdom

Unicorns go "moo".

Belarusian Town Names


Dutch Town names

A list of Dutch town names for OpenTTD.

French Town Names


German town names

Collections of both, separate and jointly real and fictional German town names

Indian Town Names

From 'Adilabad' to 'Zunheboto', this is a collection of 500+ real Indian place names.

Indian Town Names 2
Indonesian Town Names

A NewGRF providing Indonesian Town Names


Japanese Town Names

City names from Japan, in English and in Japanese.

Latin Town Names

Latin Town names

Lithuanian Town Names

Lithuanian Town Names

MinchinWeb's Random Town Names

Releases at
Current version is 1.1

Success! I have taken NML to the next level, specifically using NML to generate random town names. What it does is it takes a list of bases (drawn from Alberta Town Names) and then randomly adds prefixes and suffixes to them. That means that even on the largest maps, you should never run out of names. For example, it is possible to get:...

Pennsylvania Town Names
Portuguese Town Names

132 town names from Portugal


Russian Towns

Russian Town Names in Cyrillic and Latin script.

Town names taken from GeoNames geographical database (
Transliterated with according to GOST 7.79-2000.

Now working on generated names.

Spanish Town Names

A NewGRF which includes all Spanish town names for OpenTTD.

Swiss Town Names

One part is the list with best known towns. (around 140)
Second part are all other uniformed towns of Switzerland. (around 2200)


UK Town Names

Very simple .grf with a list of town names from the United Kingdom

UK Town Names

A simple grf containing a large list of UK town names.

Track sets

(Rail) track sets

Central European Railway Track Set

A track set targeting at different track classes, designed for use with the Central European Train Set

FooBar's Tram Tracks

Successor of "New Tram Tracks", with new track graphics and OpenGFX support.

Metro Track Set

The Metro Track Set adds third rail tracks to OpenTTD and TTDPatch and is originally designed to complement the metros of the 2cc Trainset. It will add Metro Tracks as a new railtype to OpenTTD or at your option replace monorail or maglev with Metro Tracks instead....

Monorail Infrastructure Conversion Set

Adds Urban Monorail -- a monorail track with a concrete base -- using graphics based on the OpenGFX monorail tracks, and replaces depots and tunnels.


A set of track types with different speed limits.

PURR Universal Rainbow Rails

PURR rainbow-coloured railway set without unicorns

In other words, a railtype track set introducing yet another instance of universal rail.
However, apart from functional usage it also brings new visual utility.
Generally any universal rail newGRF without speed limits can be used for organization and marking,...

skyem123's rails

This a newGRF that adds 4th rail, 3rd rail and edits normal and electrified rail.

For (the latest release) see [[]] or [[]]...


Shanghai Maglev Inspired Track Set - A graphic replacement set for the maglev tracks. This replaces the main tracks, bridges, depots, fences and construction icons and cursors. This also includes an optional custom station and tunnel.

Swedish Rails

Swedish rail infrastructure set:

A complete snow-aware railtype replacement for normal and electrified tracks and several enhancements for depots, level crossings and fences.



Termite - Track set

TransRapid Track Set

The TransRapid Track Set is a maglev track replacement set featuring optically elevated tracks. The track style is based on the tracks at the Transrapid test facility in Lathen, Emsland, Germany.

Universal Rail Type

Simplifies upgrading and downgrading of trains between different rail types.


Special track type with telecommunication wires instead of catenary, for telegraph, telephone, telex and internet packets.
Can be used for block occupancy forwarding (low cost logic train is provided) or for commercial (e)mail communication.

Total Town Replacement Set
World Airliners Set

The World Airliners Set (WAS)

This set was created the represent the recent and not so recent world of aircraft airlines in OpenTTD

Development Releases



Patches for OpenTTD.

The Repositories here are hgsubversion converts from

Android Port Translations

OpenTTD Android sources are located at

ChillCores PatchPack

Chill's PatchPack

A collection of user made patches merged and modified to work together.

Useful links:

Released binaries: Clone location:
  • Complete and ready to compile sources:...
Head to Head

Head to head competition

Infrastructure Sharing

Another try at a new infrastructure sharing patch integrated into trunk OpenTTD. This time with hopefully cleaner implementation ;)

Checkout source: hg clone
(You can use that link to download source packages in zip or tar.bz2 format, too.)...

#openttdcoop Client Patch Pack

List of patches in the wiki

Patch direct download:

for trunk - #openttdcoop PS rev (current working revision)...

#openttdcoop Server Patch Pack
Infrastructure Sharing patches

Mercurial patch queue for infrastructure sharing. This should allow easier reviewing and maintenance.


Patches which help OpenTTD handle longer vehicles in a better way

Mercurial checkout:

hg qclone

full patch (svn & git):

OpenTTD Hardpack

OpenTTD Hardpack: An OpenTTD with patches

OpenTTD Time Table Improvements Patch

Time Table Improvements Patch

OpenTTD with diagonal tunnels and bridges
pm's musings

planetmaker's OpenTTD experiments


SV1Codec is a program to manipulate Transport Tycoon savegame and scenario files.

This program is distributed according to the terms of the Open Source MIT License. For more information, read the file sv1codec.txt in the source code repository.


A simple clone of OpenTTD trunk to make local clones for the different branches and MQs.

World Wide OpenTTD Game Day
Polar Fox

Moved to


IRC has the passwords


This project is a test project for the DevZone to serve testing several things. It's an old clone of FIRS, slightly modified. No need to translate anything for this project


test project with git


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