BROS: IRC Channel

Added by welshdragon about 10 years ago

Come and join us on IRC! #dragonforums on for up to date information on both the British Rail OpenTTD Set and the UK Bus Set!

DevZone Help Center: DevZone downtime (1 comment)

Added by Ammler about 10 years ago

Since the 1.0.0 release of OpenTTD, we had some serious troubles to keep our DevZone running. I hope, with nginx as new http server, those issues will be past. We still need to convert other Domains to use nginx with php and file directory. So the DevZone runs currently on port 81. Please browse the Homepage and tell us about your experience.

Again, apologizes for the troubles the last few days and keep up developing nice addons for OpenTTD. :-)

Sincerely Ammler

BROS: New Forums (1 comment)

Added by welshdragon about 10 years ago

The new and improved Dragon Forums are now online!, over the course of today all remaining bugs will be ironed out and the old forums (which are all locked) taken offline.

The switch to SMF was made as i've got fed up with PHPBB3, and what with SMF 2.0 due soon it'll be very exciting.
All users, posts and attachements have transferred over to the new forums, and myself and the BROS team look forward to seeing you there!

BROS: 2nd Teaser GRF (2 comments)

Added by welshdragon about 10 years ago

James has very nicely coded a Central Trains GRF that includes the Central and Centro liveries of 150 and the Central 153, 156 and 158.

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.2.2 released (4 comments)

Added by planetmaker about 10 years ago

OpenGFX 0.2.2 was just released with major fixes to houses, their re-colour properties and their alignment, re-worked maglev and monorail vehicles and translations into multiple languages. Further the start & stop button were made easier discernible, especially helpful for those which have troubles to distinguish red and green.

The release is available form BaNaNaS via the online content download or via

EDIT: Attention package maintainers: The target 'make check' unfortunately turned out broken. Using it will always tell you the md5sum check succeeded as it re-builds the md5 sums file. You can check a successful built of the files against the file available on our webserver:
Further: the md5sums are the same, but the format of the md5sum file shipped in the source release is such that also a md5sum --check opengfx-0.2.2.md5 fails (the file has one space missing as separator between the md5sum and the file name). Send regards for this error to Apple Inc. ;-) as md5sum works differently on OSX.

OpenMSX: OpenMSX 0.2.1 released (3 comments)

Added by planetmaker about 10 years ago

OpenMSX 0.2.1 features a new title theme, two completely new songs and three songs which were replaced by other songs of the same author.

OpenSFX: OpenSFX 0.2.2 (2 comments)

Added by Rubidium about 10 years ago

Today we give you an updated version of OpenSFX: the sound replacement project or what OpenGFX is for graphics OpenSFX is for sounds.

This release primarily improves the makefiles and adds translations to the in-game description. If you already have 0.2.1 there is no real need to update besides the translations.

OpenSFX can be downloaded from

OpenGFX 32bpp: First Release!

Added by athanasios over 10 years ago

Today r1 was uploaded and is available for download. It is a taster release consisting of 24 PNGs:
  • title font sprites
  • info (help) sprite for the button bar
  • sprites for some toyland buildings with or without their construction stages

DevZone Help Center: DevZone moved

Added by Ammler over 10 years ago

We just moved the DevZone to a new server and therefor needed to change the IP address, specially the guys with SSH access might get some Fingerprint and new hosts error. Please note the new Fingerprint from

Report issues here or at #openttdcoop(.devzone)

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.2.1 released

Added by planetmaker over 10 years ago

Today we released OpenGFX 0.2.1. With a fix for the mapgen sprites for the original terrain generator and the additon of the windows shading sprites two major improvements were added which ensure that OpenGFX continues to provide all sprites necessary to enjoy OpenTTD. We therefor strongly recommend an update ;-)
As of this version we'll also be able to supply rpms for nearly all linux versions which use them by default. Some other minor changes and fixes with respect to 0.2.0 complete this version. For details see the enclosed changelog.

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