OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.3.1 released

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

This OpenGFX release aims mostly for package maintainers, fixing some serious issues with installation encountered in 0.3.0 and offering improved configuration for the installation:

Notably you can now define
  • INSTALL_DIR: directory the grf and obg files go to
  • DOCDIR: directory the readme, changelog and license go to; but you can opt out of each by defining

All others can enjoy the fix which swapped the sprites for the load icon in the main menu :-)

Find the detailed changelog as well as the release here.

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.3.0 released

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

With this version we bring some major updates and it is highly recommended to upgrade to this version of OpenGFX. The number of changes and additions include
  • New Airport preview sprites (no longer missing sprites!)
  • New sprites for the vehicle income, unread messages and exclusive transport rights (no longer missing sprites!)
  • New signals
  • Numerous unique new toyland sprites
  • Improvement and fixes for a number of houses
  • Some icons in the menu bar got replaced by easier discernible icons

Enjoy and come back to us, if you have problems, criticism, suggestions or contributions. Thanks to all who did work a lot on improving this set in the last months :-) OpenGFX is found as usual via ingame content bananas or at the DevZone

Important information for package maintainers:
- first run make and then make check to test for the integrity of the grfs. make install or make docs will overwrite the shipped md5sum file
- if you don't use unis2dos, set it explicitly to "true" via command line flag or set an empty UNIX2DOS_FLAG. It may otherwise fail
- You can specify now separately INSTALL_DIR and DOCDIR for the grf and the documentation (=readme, license, changelog). If no DOCDIR is supplied, the documentation is also installed into the same dir as the grf.

GRFCodec / NFORenum: GRFCodec 1.0.0

Added by Rubidium almost 10 years ago

Today we release a new stable of GRFCodec with many improvements over the previous version. At the same time the maintainership of GRFCodec has been taken over by some developers here.

If you used the release candidate not much has changed, besides some packaging improvements that should make it easier for our downstream packagers.

OpenMSX: OpenMSX 0.3.1 released (4 comments)

Added by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

This release addresses a few issues which were found with certain songs in the 0.3.0 release and could lead under certain conditions even to a crash of the sound driver and OpenTTD. Seven songs have been addressed in that respect, and 'Keep on Rolling' replaced for similar reason by Jim Redfarn's 'Big Man Boogie'. Especially windows users who have problems with their sound playback or experienced sound-related crashes previously are encouraged to update as these changes work around the touchy sound drivers. Find the new version at the usual places, bananas and For a full changelog see

GRFCodec / NFORenum: GRFCodec 1.0.0-RC1

Added by Rubidium almost 10 years ago

Due to time constraints and loss of interest patchman and DaleStan could not work on GRFCodec and NFORenum anymore. This resulted in the slow decay of both GRFCodec and NFORenum.

This caused problems for people compiling it with recent compilers (it failed to compile), for the developement of the NewGRF specifications (new features wouldn't be supported) or for the people, such as the nice folks at OpenTTDcoop's developer zone, for using it to develop NewGRFs.

With the release of GRFCodec 1.0.0-RC1 we revive GRFCodec in the hope to keep it useful and usable for as long as it's neeeded. In any case some things regarding the development have changed. The source repository and issue tracker can be found on and as such bug reports and feature requests for GRFCodec should go to there. Furthermore we will try to release at least one stable version of GRFCodec per year, or more often if required.

Finally we would like to ask all NewGRF developers and downstream packagers to test this release candidate so we can release a proper 1.0.0 in a couple of weeks.

In any case, we would like to thank patchman and DaleStan for initially developing and maintaining GRFCodec.

NewGRFs: TTDPatch and Action 14

Added by foobar almost 10 years ago

TTDPatch now supports skipping of Action 14 (since r2334;
It is not necessary to skip an Action 14 with an Action 9 for TTDPatch, as it either (<r2334) will refuse to load a grf with Action 14 in it or (>=r2334) simply will ignore the Action 14.

#openttdcoop NewGRF package: Release: #openttdcoop NewGRF package 8.0-beta1

Added by Ammler almost 10 years ago

We converted the VCS system to Mercurial and moved to the DevZone and now, the NewGRF compiler does also care about this package.

With the release of 8.0-beta1, we removed EVERY BaNaNaS NewGRF from the pack and moved a lot to the obsolete folder, as this is still a beta, we won't remove version 7.3, anyway, this package should be FULLY compatible with EVERY archive game and EVERY server we run.

Some testing would be very welcome:

- move your current newgrfs to a temporary unreachable location (don't forget about bananas (content_download/data)
- load our beta (
- try to load a random game from our archives
- try to join our servers
- report issues here or at our forums thread


OpenMSX: OpenMSX 0.3.0 - a full set

Added by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

OpenMSX now received many new songs, mostly by Jim Redfarn who fills a whole category with boogie - style music and some new ones also by imuh3 which fit well in the two existing music categories.

DevZone Help Center: New Compiler on the DevZone (1 comment)

Added by Ammler about 10 years ago

All projects on our DevZone can now independently enable nightly, release or other "branches" compile. This needs simply access to the repo. (no Admin request required anymore.

For a short time, we will run both compiler daily, the old nightly compile script is scheduled newly at 17:17, the new scheduler gets the known time at 18:18 (CEST).

Another new Feature of the new compiler is automatically release compiling, new tags will automatically initiate a compile right after push.

Latest compiles are listed at

More infos from Configuration Wiki.

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.2.4 released

Added by planetmaker about 10 years ago

Today we released OpenGFX 0.2.4 which sees a major re-work of all train alignments (and the underlying code basis), so that it now looks better also in some of the less obvious places. Also changes to the path signals and some house sprites have been made. For package maintainers the new target 'distclean' was introduced which cleans everything so that the pristine tar content will be everything left.

The release is available form BaNaNaS via the online content download or via

Have fun!

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