GRFCodec / NFORenum: GRFCodec 6.0.1

Added by Rubidium over 8 years ago

Today we released a new stable of GRFCodec. This release primarily fixes some issues with GRF container format 2 and updates the NFORenum validation data.

DevZone Help Center: New Server

Added by Ammler over 8 years ago

During the next week until the end of the weekend (2012-9-16), we will migrate the #openttdcoop services to the new host. There could be some downtime of single services, the big bunch is planned to be moved on next Saturday. We don't have planned downtime, if a service is unreachable, try again an hour later or visit us at our irc channels (#openttdcoop, #openttdcoop.devzone)

Thanks in advance for your patience. :-)

Library: Pathfinder.Road: Version 4 have been released

Added by Zuu over 8 years ago

The Road Path Finder for AIs have been updated and also made available for Game Scripts

The updated libraries can be found on bananas:
For AIs:
For Game Scripts:

Library: Queue.FibonacciHeap: Version 3

Added by Zuu almost 9 years ago

A more detailed description about the changes in version 3 can be found here:

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.4.4

Added by planetmaker about 9 years ago

This release fixes a number of bugs with sprites and the fonts received additional and updated glyphs for better support of some languages.

See the changelog for a full list:

Maintainers may note some changes to the build targets:
- maintainer-clean WILL delete from the tar bundle the file to check the md5 sums against. Do not use that
- distclean will restore the source bundle to its prestine state
- clean-gfx will remove the pngs from the source bundle which can be re-generated from the source xcf files
Thus if you want to build the package completely from source, grab the tar bundle (or a repository checkout) and run clean-gfx to ensure that the png files are cleaned and thus re-generated from source.

GRFCodec / NFORenum: GRFCodec 6.0.0

Added by Rubidium about 9 years ago

Today we released a new major release of GRFCodec. The major feature of this release is the support for 32bpp and extra zoom graphics. This required changes in the GRF container format and the NFO, so both got an overhaul as well. GRF container format 2 allows much bigger (pseudo) sprites and NFO v32 makes it possible to add multiple real sprite to a 8bpp sprite. Finally the -n option for GRFCodec tries to find the smallest compression yielding slightly smaller GRFs.

BROS (Nysosis Version): Coding Started Afresh

Added by Leanden about 9 years ago

Instead of building upon the existing NML, Nysosis has started afresh to keep consistent with his own coding style.

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.4.1 released

Added by planetmaker over 9 years ago

OpenGFX 0.4.1 brings a lot of new font glyphs, snow aware rivers and canals and fixes a number of graphical glitches.

Note to maintainers:
Starting with this 0.4 series of OpenGFX, it is no longer based on grfcodec and nforenum, but it is written in NML (version 0.2.1 or newer from the 0.2.x branch is needed). If you want to run a maintainer-clean, you'll need to make use of GIMP subsequently. GIMP has some issues in running nicely in parallel (it might trigger bus errors), thus you may want to trim down the parallelization during building to something like -j3 or maybe even completely off with -j1.

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.2.1 released

Added by yexo over 9 years ago

A bug-fix release from the 0.2 branch. No major new features, just a few new constants to make porting projects to NML 0.3 easier and some bug-fixes.

  • Add: CB_RESULT_NO_MORE_ARTICULATED_PARTS, CB_RESULT_REVERSED_VEHICLE and CB_RESULT_NO_TEXT as constants to make porting projects to NML 0.3 easier.
  • Fix: Internal error when the ID in a replace-block was not a compile-time constant
  • Fix: Crash when referencing a SpriteSetCollection in a graphics-block that was inside an if-block
  • Fix: Text files in docs/ were not included in source package
  • Doc: Add GPL v2 header to all .py files

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.2.0 released

Added by yexo over 9 years ago

1.5 years after starting with NML we can finaly released version 0.2.0. The list of features, changes and fixes since 0.1 is too long to list. If all the features you want are supported by NML 0.2, we urge you to keep using it. NML 0.3 might have a few syntax-breaking changes, although we'll try to prevent that.

The 0.2 branch will be updated for a while with fixes, and this will be the last version to support OpenTTD 1.1.x. Starting with 0.3, NML will put it's focus on OpenTTD 1.2+.

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