NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.3.1 released

Added by planetmaker almost 7 years ago

This is a maintenance release for the 0.3 branch of NML.

It brings a few user-visible changes by introducing new variables:
vehicle variable vehicle_is_unloading and object variable nearby_tile_object_view, introduces new string commands CARGO_LONG, CARGO_SHORT and CARGO_TINY and the house callback result CB_RESULT_HOUSE_NO_MORE_PRODUCTION.

Notably for packagers or users of old(er) systems: NML requires python 2.6 or 2.7 henceforth, the support for python 2.5 is dropped. This version also fixes a problem with the reported version in the source tar ball as found in the previous release. Additionally a python-2.7 egg can be downloaded from the bundle site.

Happy NewGRF-ing

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.5.1

Added by planetmaker almost 7 years ago

Compared to OpenGFX 0.5.0 it fixes a number of issues with packaging.

The source is available as xz-compressed tar archive. You can (again) opt to not install license.txt, readme.txt and changelog.txt via the variables DO_NOT_INSTALL_LICENSE, DO_NOT_INSTALL_README and DO_NOT_INSTALL_CHANGELOG.
Additionally the borked check for the build from tar archives with the checksums (by grfid -m) of the grf files was fixed again.

It's recommended to use NML 0.3.1 in order to build OpenGFX 0.5.1 or the md5sum of the grf files might differ.

DevZone Help Center: Access to repositories

Added by planetmaker over 7 years ago

The http interface to the repositories is performing currently very badly and either is very slow or not available at all. In order to push to or pull from the repositories currently an ssh access is required. Please see on how to obtain a pair of keys. Provide us (either by opening an issue here in the Help Centre, via message at, e-mail or on IRC) with the public key of yours and change your path in your project's .hg/hgrc to ssh:// Contact us if you have any questions or issues. See also and replace step5 by giving the public key of yours to us. Never share the private key with anyone!

We are working on setting up a new http interface and access which should perform much better than the current one.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But I'm confident that the changes we're going to make will be profitable

AI-Lib List: Release V.3

Added by fanioz almost 8 years ago

to Get all Item as Array -> ItemsToArray
to Get all values as Array -> ValuesToArray
to get the pair of [item, value] as array -> toarray
to set the list from array of [item, value] -> AddFromArray

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.4.6

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago

The Christmas release brings you one visible change which will make it easy for trunk users and those of the future OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1 to get rid of the "missing sprites" warning:


- Feature: GUI sprites for delete buttons introduced in OpenTTD r24749

Note to package maintainers: as this sprite is only used in trunk (and in OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1 and later), there is no need to update your package, if you ship OpenTTD 1.2 or earlier. You want this, if you want to ship OpenTTD 1.3.0-beta1.

NOTE: You'll also need NML 0.2.5.r2050:7c249349d2a9. As of writing no binary-compatible stable NML release exists for that. I hope we can supply that within the next days.

Edit by Ammler: Distros and other self builder can use OpenGFX with NML 0.2.4 .

NewGRF Meta Language: NML 0.2.4 released

Added by yexo over 8 years ago

Mostly a bug-fix release for the 0.2 branch, but it also adds some minor features mostly in the form of previously unsupported variables/callbacks. The decision to add those features was made because the 0.3 branch which is currently work-in-progress does not and will not support OpenTTD 1.1 and older. Since there are still people wanting to make their NewGRFs available for people with older OpenTTD versions they can keep using the 0.2 branch.

Full changelog for this release:
- Feature: Report NML line information as well as pixel position for pure white pixels. Also, report number of pixels in the sprite, instead of the whole image. (issue #4029)
- Feature: 'signals' callback for railtypes.
- Feature: Allow the 'nfo' unit to be used with non-constant values. (issue #3828)
- Feature: 'build_prod_change' callback for industries to set industry production level on construction.
- Feature: Vehicle misc_flag VEHTYPE_FLAG_NO_BREAKDOWN_SMOKE.
- Feature: 'current_max_speed' variable for vehicles. (issue #3979)
- Feature: 'vehicle_is_in_depot' variable for aircraft.
- Feature: 'range' property and callback for aircraft.
- Feature: 'production_rate_1/2' variables for industries.
- Feature: 'town_zone' variable for railtypes.
- Feature: 'other_veh_(curv_info|is_hidden|x_offset|y_offset|z_offset)' variables for vehicles.
- Fix: Provide a proper error message when running out of action2 IDs
- Fix: A '{' at the end of a string could cause a crash
- Fix: Backslash-escapes in strings weren't properly validated. Also remove useless \n escape. (issue #3636)
- Fix: Provide a proper error message if a substring is missing, instead of an assertion error. (issue #3932)
- Fix: 'refit_cost' callback may also be called from the purchase menu.
- Fix: Allow using constants > 255 as variable parameter. (issue #4086)
- Fix: Sprite layout register code contained an unsorted iteration over dictionary keys, resulting in possible regression failures.

DevZone Help Center: Unresolveable Issues

Added by Ammler over 8 years ago

We have unresolvable Issues on our new Server which forces us going back to the old host so we can analyze the new server without having the risk of data loss. This will happen this week sometime.

Basically services will change again IP and might be temporally unreachable for some which have bad ISP with own non-rfc compliant DNS cache rules. ->

Please use Forum or Issue Tracker to discuss further...

OpenGFX: OpenGFX 0.4.5

Added by planetmaker over 8 years ago

This release brings you the sprites for the indication of the happiness in the townlist. You want this release if you play with OpenTTD trunk or OpenTTD 1.3 or newer.

Note to package maintainers: No need to update OpenGFX, if you ship OpenTTD 1.2.x or older.

Note2: OpenGFX 0.4.5 builds with NML = 0.2.3 only successfully. (not > 0.2.3, checksum issue)

DevZone Help Center: Hardware Check

Added by Ammler over 8 years ago

As we had some serious issues with our new Server (almost daily complete outages). Our ISP ( will make a full hardware check, we scheduled this check for night from Tuesday to Wednesday 00:00 UTC

Server will be down for around 10 hours.

Every service of #openttdcoop will be infected. (except #openttdcoop PublicServer)

World Airliners Set: Release of Version 0.1

Added by Beardie27 over 8 years ago

The World Airliners Set v0.1 is Now Available in the files section on here or in the first post of the tt-forums topic

1 2 3 4 ... 8 (11-20/76)

Also available in: Atom