OpenGFX 0.4.4

OpenGFX 0.4.4 brings updates and fixes to a number of sprites, including font additions. It also introduced the makefile target clean-gfx
Added by planetmaker about 8 years ago

This release fixes a number of bugs with sprites and the fonts received additional and updated glyphs for better support of some languages.

See the changelog for a full list:

Maintainers may note some changes to the build targets:
- maintainer-clean WILL delete from the tar bundle the file to check the md5 sums against. Do not use that
- distclean will restore the source bundle to its prestine state
- clean-gfx will remove the pngs from the source bundle which can be re-generated from the source xcf files
Thus if you want to build the package completely from source, grab the tar bundle (or a repository checkout) and run clean-gfx to ensure that the png files are cleaned and thus re-generated from source.