Release! (0.1.0-alpha5)

First official release of OpenGFX from #openttdcoop Development Zone.
Added by Ammler almost 11 years ago

Today, our project manager FooBar released the first official alpha version since we host the project on our newly created development zone. I am very happy, we were able to help this project to make another step. Now let's remove last "Black Boxes" from tropic and toyland clima.

In this place, I like to thank FooBar for his awesome work, he still puts in this project. He didn't just hand over the source and let others do the work, no, still much effort from his side. Thank you. Also a welcome to Born Acron and Gen.Sniper, the new "BlackBox" cleaners. :-)

Download Area:


Added by Ammler almost 11 years ago

Mäh! Let us not forget to mention the awesome work from planetmaker, with his Makefile, we are now able to compile OpenGFX on all common OSes and so development isn't limited to windows anymore.