GRFCodec 1.0.0-RC1

GRFCodec is on the road again...
Added by Rubidium over 9 years ago

Due to time constraints and loss of interest patchman and DaleStan could not work on GRFCodec and NFORenum anymore. This resulted in the slow decay of both GRFCodec and NFORenum.

This caused problems for people compiling it with recent compilers (it failed to compile), for the developement of the NewGRF specifications (new features wouldn't be supported) or for the people, such as the nice folks at OpenTTDcoop's developer zone, for using it to develop NewGRFs.

With the release of GRFCodec 1.0.0-RC1 we revive GRFCodec in the hope to keep it useful and usable for as long as it's neeeded. In any case some things regarding the development have changed. The source repository and issue tracker can be found on and as such bug reports and feature requests for GRFCodec should go to there. Furthermore we will try to release at least one stable version of GRFCodec per year, or more often if required.

Finally we would like to ask all NewGRF developers and downstream packagers to test this release candidate so we can release a proper 1.0.0 in a couple of weeks.

In any case, we would like to thank patchman and DaleStan for initially developing and maintaining GRFCodec.