OpenGFX 0.2.0

As of today OpenGFX 0.2.0 is officially released.
Added by Ammler over 9 years ago

It's the first version of this base set which features a complete set of all necessary sprites, thus it is fully functional and nicely playable. You can obtain it from the usual download locations, that is from either bananas or the devzone at

At this point I'd like to thank all people who contributed to this set and made it become reality, you all did a very good job! A special thanks goes in my opinion towards Zephyris who drew an amazing amount of sprites throughout the two years of development so far (it's not a direct measure for the sprite count, but the authors table counts 257 entries related to him at least partially out of 399 in total) and who also took it into his hands to come up with the last missing sprites and speed up the process to this full release.

Work of course will continue in the quest to improve this set and make it better and better.

For now: enjoy!


Added by Ammler over 9 years ago

Some glitches became part of the release, we are already working on 0.2.1 ;-)