OpenGFX in repo

Finally, a proper repository has been set up for OpenGFX.
Added by foobar about 11 years ago

I'd like to thank the guys from #openttdcoop for providing the repository. If you like you can do an anonymous checkout:

hg clone

The readme is now officially located at Future releases will just include a copy of that page, so be sure to check the wiki for the latest information!

Future precompiled releases will be available from and of course you now can build a version of your own. Currently there's not much new in the repo since alpha 4.2, so I don't think you should bugger compiling yourself right now.

The official bugtracker is now located at This will replace the buglist at the wiki. Just keep posting the bugs you find here in the release topic at tt-forums and one of the OpenGFX developers will add it to the issue tracker.