Feature #2870

Updated by V453000 over 7 years ago

*1. all 3 railtypes used*
* involved universal engine
* better spread eras than original trainset

*2. multiple categories of trains evolving with time - no useless trains, all should be usable*
* strong, medium, weak, local passengers, long distance passengers
** for all railtypes (monorail misses strong, maglev misses local pax)
* possibly some “extra” engines (particularly nutty ones but a bit less effective to use)

*3. good wagons*
* every wagon visible full/empty
* eventual “ultimate wagon” - 1 wagon that refits to all (parameter switch)
* no short wagons to prevent CL problems and simplify train construction
** short wagons can be simulated with articulated wagons
* more speed = less capacity: 35t 30-40t rail wagons, 25t 25-33t monorail, 20t 20-25t maglev

4. toyland compatibility
* possibly FIRS/?PBI? compatibility
* trains have faces in toyland (must have!)

5. all engines reversible + reverse arrow in depot

6. weirdo things
* some trains look like animals or other weird things
* odd wagons
** almighty flatbeds (carrying monster fruit or ANYTHING that comes to your mind)
** beer!
** transparent tankers - cargo can be seen

8.a. passenger trains are all 1 tile long
* 1 tile long steamer trains
* 2 headed modern trains

8.b. cargo steamers are just 0.5 tile short like any other engine

9. "engine" wagon - reffitable to all, looks like an appropriate refit wagon, has 0 power or TE, very high max speed, and can be attached to other trains as "fake" wagon that transports reduced amount of cargo. It is an engine so it could be replaced to 2nd engine later on in the game so the player does not have to multiply their engine count manually.

10. every pax train has less passengers per tile than normal wagons
* so that you either get capacity or acceleration, not both at the same time

11.? refittable (recolorable) commuter trains on some engines
* just like japan does?