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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
8678DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewLowApplying as translator2020-01-23 22:03

8676DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediateApplying as translator2020-01-16 07:52

8675towngrowthadjuster-gsCode ReviewNewNormalFixed loading of save games and another random bug2020-01-15 20:30

6917World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalAdd: DeHaviland Comet2020-01-04 13:20World Airliners Set v1.0

8667World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalCreate Airbus A350-900RvP932020-01-04 13:17World Airliners Set v1.0

8671World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalCreate Airbus A220 / CS2020-01-04 13:16World Airliners Set v1.0

8670World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalCreate Boeing 787-102020-01-04 13:15World Airliners Set v1.0

8669World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalCreate Airbus A330-9002020-01-04 13:14

8668World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalCreate Airbus A350-10002020-01-04 13:14World Airliners Set v1.0

4279World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalCheck Through list of repaints Found From TT-Forums2020-01-04 13:09Graphics

8320World Airliners SetBugNewNormalFix B747-400ERF Greyscale + repaints2020-01-04 13:06World Airliners Set v1.0

8666World Airliners SetBugNewNormalFix B747-400F(SCD) Greyscale + repaints2020-01-04 13:06World Airliners Set v1.0

7049World Airliners SetCode ReviewNewNormalCode correct cargocapacity for all freightersRvP932020-01-04 12:58General NMLWorld Airliners Set v1.0

8664Japanese TrainsBugNewNormalErrors regarding to Steam Loco 7050/75002019-12-25 06:58

8663DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediateApplying as translator2019-12-16 09:49

8662DevZone Help CenterBugNewNormalI cant compile NewGRF, error with make2019-12-02 13:22

8429xUSSR SetFeatureNewNormalДизель поезд 620М и 630М2019-11-08 13:35МВПС ДизельныйUsers Wishes

8658DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediateApplying as translator2019-10-11 08:45

8657DevZone Help CenterSupportNewNormalSSH key2019-10-08 01:00

7378NewGRF build frameworkBugNewNormalImpossible to specify NFO file version (header comment is ignored)planetmaker2019-09-19 10:57NFO

8654DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediateApplying as translator2019-08-19 11:26Translations

8653DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediateApplying as translator2019-08-12 07:10

8648DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediatetranslating OpenTTD to Indonesian2019-07-16 10:42

8647Bee RewardBugNewNormalbee rewards doesn't store best score on selecting the best goal2019-06-09 17:41

8646V4 Train SetBugNewNormalTranslation is not accepted by system2019-05-21 13:45

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