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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
8647Bee RewardBugNewNormalbee rewards doesn't store best score on selecting the best goal2019-06-09 17:41

8646V4 Train SetBugNewNormalTranslation is not accepted by system2019-05-21 13:45

86452cctsBugNewNormalAvailability gap between 1st and 2nd gen tankerTransportman2019-05-10 20:52Code

8644NutracksBugNewNormalCannot create new translation language2019-05-09 08:31

8643FixEsBugNewNormalCannot create new translation language2019-05-09 08:28

8642CityBuilder GSBugNewNormalCannot finish translation - string empty not allowed2019-05-09 08:27

8641Finnish TrainsetBugNewNormalQuestionable refits on some coaches2019-04-29 17:22

8640DevZone Help CenterBugNewNormalException in eints2repofrosch2019-04-27 16:48

8639DevZone Help CenterBugNewNormalException in eints2repofrosch2019-04-26 16:49

8630DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewImmediateValencian town namesPrehmo2019-04-16 10:05NewProject

8629DevZone Help CenterMembershipNewLowApplying as programmer2019-04-10 14:14

8628Town NamesFeatureNewNormalWinnipeg town names2019-04-07 19:07

8623OpenMSXFeatureNewHighUpdate OpenMSX for optimized MIDI data2019-04-04 14:33

8619xUSSR SetFeatureNewHighОбновить графику грузов на базе 2СС2019-03-16 12:470.7

8617OpenGFXBugNewNormal4 missing sprites in OpenTTD 1.9.0-RC12019-03-12 15:22

8602xUSSR SetFeatureNewNormalЭП3Д окрас КТЖ2018-11-05 22:26МВПС Элекрический0.7

8601xUSSR SetFeatureNewNormal[g] ЭП2Д окрас ЦППК2018-11-05 22:25МВПС Элекрический0.7

8592xUSSR SetBugNewNormalЭП20 больше не имеет 200км/ч варианта для рефита2018-10-21 20:42Электровозы

85882cctsBugNewLowdbg: [grf] Unhandled vehicle variable 0x61, type 0x02018-10-05 18:26

8580Finnish TrainsetBugNewNormalRx color missingjuzza12018-09-10 15:57

85602cctsFeature RequestNewLowBalancingTransportman2018-07-12 16:58Code3.0-alpha2

8549OpenGFX+ AirportsBugNewNormalMaintenance costs exorbitant high2018-04-13 17:43

8545OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalRussian translation2018-03-24 12:59

8544OpenGFXBugNewNormalArctic apartment building wrongly assigned sprite 2018-02-10 20:59

8542BRIX Realism Is XXXXCode ReviewNewNormalVersion 0.0.22018-02-08 14:10

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