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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7372xUSSR SetBugNewHighПотеряно крышевое оборудование дизеля РС*simozzz_AK2015-05-06 13:37Вагоны Грузовые0.7

8213xUSSR SetBugNewHighДР1А окраска LG с ошибкамиWowan2019-01-03 15:41МВПС Дизельный0.7

2284OpenGFX+ TrainsBugNewNormalMake use of special sprites for the purchase list2012-07-25 14:010.3.0

3749DACH TrainsBugNewNormalÖBB 1142 freight and IC supportofficercrockey2012-02-27 19:220.4.0

3747DACH TrainsBugNewNormalDB BR 101 cannot pull ÖBB Intercity carsofficercrockey2012-02-27 19:190.4.0

3748DACH TrainsBugNewNormalÖBB 1044 freight and IC supportofficercrockey2012-02-27 19:210.4.0

3926OpenGFX+ TrainsBugNewNormalmake bundle_src doesn't pack modifications anymoreplanetmaker2012-04-20 20:08Build system0.4.0

6842OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalwrong industry type for bank, power station and water tower2014-03-28 10:070.4.0

3222OpenGFXBugNewNormalalignment of trains2012-02-09 18:060.5.0

7552OpenGFXBugNewNormal2nd rock type2015-03-11 17:580.5.2

6838Planet of the apes: Ghat landscapeBugNewNormaltunnel entry sprites2014-03-23 19:271.1.0

7692cc train setBugNewLowDM3's alignment is a bitch to get right :DDJNekkid2010-02-28 19:36Graphics2.0

8704Polish PKP Set 2.0BugNewNormalMissing gfx/slr-x2.png in repoTadeuszD2020-04-11 10:20Graphics2.0.14

8111Dutch Trains 2BugNewNormalLiveries unavailable2016-03-19 16:31Graphics2.2.0

705Infrastructure SharingBugNewNormalCrashed trains on bankruptcy2009-12-31 01:45IS2.2

7298NuTracksBugNewLowEarly fences2017-02-18 19:28Next release

3379OpenGFXBugNewNormalnon-snowy arctic stations2012-01-21 01:11OpenTTD

3380OpenGFXBugNewNormalnon-snowy antenna2012-01-21 01:13OpenTTD

6914World Airliners SetBugNewUrgentUpdate Facts An1242014-05-16 21:20General NMLWorld Airliners Set v1.0

8666World Airliners SetBugNewNormalFix B747-400F(SCD) Greyscale + repaints2020-04-21 06:42GraphicsWorld Airliners Set v1.0

6915World Airliners SetBugNewUrgentUpdate Facts An2252014-05-16 21:27General NMLWorld Airliners Set v1.0

8320World Airliners SetBugNewNormalFix B747-400ERF Greyscale + repaints2020-04-21 06:43GraphicsWorld Airliners Set v1.0

6913World Airliners SetBugNewHighFix A320 Family Greyscale (shading)2014-05-16 21:22GraphicsWorld Airliners Set v1.0

3606OpenGFX BigGUIBugNewImmediateDevZone compile failed2012-01-26 17:25

7740DevZone Help CenterBugNewHighVerify retention of old releasesplanetmaker2015-08-06 15:10

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