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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
1423NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewNormalExample industry projectandythenorth2018-06-27 18:28

7918NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalottd_display_speed outdated2018-05-31 06:45

7521Busy Bee GSBugResolvedNormalDon't make goals that can be achieved by already existing transport2018-05-21 07:01

8549OpenGFX+ AirportsBugNewNormalMaintenance costs exorbitant high2018-04-13 17:43

8545OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalRussian translation2018-03-24 12:59

8130GRFCodec / NFORenumBugNewNormalNFORenum: Extended sprite format for action 1 (OTTD r22925)2018-03-11 04:59

8544OpenGFXBugNewNormalArctic apartment building wrongly assigned sprite 2018-02-10 20:59

8542BRIX Realism Is XXXXCode ReviewNewNormalVersion 0.0.22018-02-08 14:10

8533OpenGFX+ AirportsBugNewLowHanger walls overlap planes2018-01-12 16:20

8532OpenGFX+ AirportsFeatureNewLowMinor bugs2018-01-12 10:29

8531OpenGFXFeatureNewNormalReworked airports2018-01-12 09:47Base

8529OpenGFX+ AirportsCode ReviewNewNormalCredits2018-01-07 22:29

7049World Airliners SetBugNewNormalCode correct cargocapacity for all freightersRvP932018-01-06 17:20General NMLWorld Airliners Set v2.0

8522World Airliners SetBugNewLowFix enable/disable original planes2018-01-06 17:20General NML

8521NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalUsing spritesets with different sizes in a single spritegroup/spritelayout2018-01-05 00:25

8520NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewNormalExpose more town properties for house varaction2/switches2018-01-04 21:46

6917World Airliners SetFeatureNewNormalAdd: DeHaviland Comet2018-01-04 13:57

8320World Airliners SetBugNewNormalFix B747-400ERF & B747-400F(SCD) Greyscale2018-01-04 11:13World Airliners Set v2.0

8519NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewNormalActionD-linked crash when building with calculation for palette in spritelayout2018-01-01 18:03

8518OpenGFXFeatureNewLowTropical oil wells2017-12-30 08:37Tropical

8515OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalToyland roads & landscape2017-12-29 17:36

8514OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalWide road tunnels not shown with gridlines on2017-12-29 17:17

8512OpenGFXFeatureNewNormalWater fix2017-12-16 19:06Extras

6330GRFCodec / NFORenumSupportAssignedNormalChange versioning scheme to make version based on commit dateplanetmaker2017-12-14 07:51

8426Polish PKP Set 2.0Feature RequestAssignedNormalTy2 heating&priceTadeuszD2017-11-25 20:20Functionality2.0.14

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