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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
4293NewGRF Meta LanguageBugReopenedNormalArithmetic with sprite labels2012-11-30 19:49

3745Central European Train SetBugAssignedNormalArticulated vehicle cost, power etc. summing doesn't work with custom callbacks2012-03-16 03:34

8312Java OpenTTD Admin LibraryBugNewNormalAS17025 rmprint-ph2016-06-28 16:06

3305OpenGFXBugNewNormalasymmetric hair2011-12-23 14:27

3616TransRapid Track SetBugFeedbackNormalattempt to use invalid ID2012-07-09 12:212.0.0

1853WebOTTDFeatureNewLowAuto configuration settings updater tool2010-12-05 08:52Library

7043OpenTTD Time Table Improvements PatchBugAssignedNormalAutofill has completed message ic1112014-08-27 16:16

6824DevZone Help CenterFeatureNewNormalautomatic bananas-upload of release builds2014-10-07 16:08Compile Farm

19World Wide OpenTTD Game DayFeatureNewNormalautomatic screenshots2009-05-18 23:41client side

6512OpenGFX BigGUIBugNewNormalAutorail icon in 2x zoom2013-10-27 12:29

4031Central European Train SetFeatureNewNormalAuto-refit2012-06-21 04:15

4047OpenGFX+ Road VehiclesBugNewNormalAutorefit is free2012-07-01 14:41

86452cctsBugNewNormalAvailability gap between 1st and 2nd gen tankerTransportman2019-05-10 20:52Code

8137North American Road TrucksFeatureFeedbackHighAvery tracktor/truckISA2016-04-02 12:04Truck0.1

2682OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalAvoid having too much oil rigs under some conditions2011-05-29 08:09

5195WebtranslatorFeature RequestNewLowBack links from the string edit page2013-03-11 21:00

8473Town NamesFeatureNewLowBaden-Württember town namesJoggel2017-08-08 13:33

3844pixaCode ReviewNewNormalbad files, bad name?2012-03-18 13:02

85602cctsFeature RequestNewLowBalancingTransportman2018-07-12 16:58Code3.0-alpha2

7560redFISHBugNewNormalBarge price and capacityLSky2015-03-14 23:34

7561redFISHBugNewNormalBarge speedLSky2015-03-14 23:38

7760YETI Extended Towns & IndustriesFeatureNewHighBase tile visible in invisible modeSylf2016-05-05 11:34

8647Bee RewardBugNewNormalbee rewards doesn't store best score on selecting the best goal2019-06-09 17:41

6823WebtranslatorFeature RequestNewLowBetter error message for missing parameter to {P ...} command2014-09-13 14:51

7630zBaseBugNewNormalBig big GUI sprites2015-04-18 19:12

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