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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
1425Total Town Replacement Set 4Code ReviewAssignedLowWater tower should be splitted into 3 filesGeorge2010-09-05 00:06

3833Dutch Rail FurnitureFeature RequestNewNormalWaypoints2012-03-15 15:36

3449TutorialSupportNewNormalWelcome on Devzone :-) -> New Category?2012-01-04 18:56

22182cc train setFeatureNewNormalWhen should we release 2.0?2011-03-15 19:21

4823WebtranslatorFeature RequestNewLowWhile translating a string also allow to show translations in another parent language2015-06-14 16:50

61672cc train setBugNewNormalWhite line above Hopper2013-07-09 16:25Graphics

8514OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalWide road tunnels not shown with gridlines on2017-12-29 17:17

3575OpenGFX+ LandscapeFeature RequestNewNormalWind turbine orientations2012-01-22 14:08

3586OpenGFX+ LandscapeBugNewNormalwind turbine: re-check ground at sea-level for flooding2012-01-23 19:07

8628Town NamesFeatureNewNormalWinnipeg town names2019-04-07 19:07

6819DevZone Help CenterBugConfirmedNormalwlock spuriously(?) gone for NML buildplanetmaker2014-03-04 16:30Compile Farm

7470OpenGFX+FeatureNewNormal Wood chain2015-02-10 19:59

8323Dutch Road FurnitureBugNewNormalWrong median end piece in left hand traffic plus ARRS2016-07-22 21:40

4323zBaseBugConfirmedLowWrong number of sprites for the toffee quarry2012-10-19 14:56

7727OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalWrong version on bananas2015-07-14 19:51

525New Monorail & Maglev TrainSetFeatureNewLowYarmanchuk75 - codeDJNekkid2009-08-27 21:10

774Comic Style HousesBugConfirmedNormalzero bye pseudo-sprite2011-09-22 11:05

3715DACH TrainsFeature RequestNewLowZoom-graphicsofficercrockey2012-02-22 10:00

6508xUSSR SetFeatureNewLowДобавить окраски ЮКОС и SFAT для 15-15472014-06-13 18:30Вагоны Грузовые

6128xUSSR SetFeatureAssignedNormalЖесткий некупейный вагон 18 м III классаWowan2013-09-15 20:20Вагоны Пассажирские

7808xUSSR SetCode ReviewFeedbackHighЛивреи пассажирских вагоновWowan2016-05-14 23:46Тексты / строки

6125xUSSR SetFeatureAssignedNormalМягкий купейный вагон 18 м I классаWowan2013-09-15 20:20Вагоны Пассажирские

6134xUSSR SetFeatureAssignedNormalМягкий купейный вагон 20 м II классаWowan2013-09-15 20:20Вагоны Пассажирские

6491xUSSR SetFeatureAssignedLowСтандартные цвета у цистернsimozzz_AK2014-09-14 15:29Правила для ПС

8592xUSSR SetBugNewNormalЭП20 больше не имеет 200км/ч варианта для рефита2018-10-21 20:42Электровозы

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