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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
6548NewGRF Meta LanguageCode ReviewNewNormalMove re-randomization in its own CB2017-10-12 23:22

6473NewGRF Meta LanguageCode ReviewNewNormalCheck use of (in)dependent random_switches2013-10-01 19:03

6326Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsCode ReviewNewNormaldocs are not re-build when grf or version changes2013-09-03 16:34

5300WebtranslatorCode ReviewNewNormalCompress view for language overviewandythenorth2015-12-24 16:05

3844pixaCode ReviewNewNormalbad files, bad name?2012-03-18 13:02

3840Japanese Town NamesCode ReviewFeedbackNormalNew town names grf2012-04-04 19:07

3827Britrains (BROS based on CETS)Code ReviewNewLowTracking table2012-03-15 01:00

3763OpenGFX+ TrainsCode ReviewFeedbackNormalreplace refittable_cargo_types2012-05-18 20:34

3704OpenGFX+ IndustriesCode ReviewNewNormalHandling of Toyland climate2012-02-18 22:17

3598NewGRF build frameworkCode ReviewNewNormalCheck speed-up with removal of dep check as in CETS2012-01-26 07:32

3460NewGRF Meta LanguageCode ReviewNewNormalAlways use DOS palette2012-01-06 11:32

3408OpenGFXCode ReviewNewNormalremove deprecated stuff2011-12-26 14:120.5.0

3152OpenGFXCode ReviewNewNormalNot all river sprites generated from source2011-12-17 00:47

3139OpenGFXCode ReviewNewNormalreview use of train alignment templates2012-02-09 18:09

3138NewGRF ViewerCode ReviewNewLowConsider switch from Qt classes onlyUnicycleBloke2011-11-10 22:36

3116NewGRF ViewerCode ReviewNewNormalSimplify display of structuresUnicycleBloke2011-10-07 22:09

3039Vactrain SetCode ReviewAssignedNormalCleanup of codeEmperorJake2011-09-07 11:180.4

2943Central European Railway Track SetCode ReviewNewNormalAlternate rail type label OTTD patch2011-08-07 18:11

2884Central European Train SetCode ReviewAssignedNormalpassenger wagons2012-11-02 09:51

2617OpenGFX+ IndustriesCode ReviewNewNormalRework order of parameters in GUI2015-02-07 15:50

2337OpenGFX+ TrainsCode ReviewNewNormalBulk wagons2012-06-13 13:14

2127MailAICode ReviewReopenedNormaluse UTF-8Hephi2011-01-09 11:13

1914OpenGFXCode ReviewNewNormalAlignment of maglev engines2011-11-08 10:17

1425Total Town Replacement Set 4Code ReviewAssignedLowWater tower should be splitted into 3 filesGeorge2010-09-05 00:06

731#openttdcoop Avignon PluginCode ReviewNewNormaltime of the server mattersOsai2010-01-31 18:52

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