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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
2845Dutch Tram SetFeatureAssignedLowTrailers 600-629foobar2015-09-26 20:17

2750Central European Train SetSupportNewLowTracking Table2012-04-22 03:42

2721Russian TownsFeatureAssignedLowRandom names generatorTloo-ZaRaZa2011-06-09 15:49

2717Russian TownsFeatureNewLowMore town names!Tloo-ZaRaZa2013-01-21 20:48

2713NuTracksFeatureNewLowSnow and desert sprites2011-07-17 02:431.3.0

255132bpp-extraBugNewLowGRF stops working if un-tared2011-04-21 06:06

2454NewGRF build frameworkBugNewLowDependancy build: relative file paths.2011-03-21 16:04

2306Total Town Replacement SetFeature RequestNewLowImprove eras support2011-02-11 22:51

2134OpenGFX+ Road VehiclesBugNewLowvery small 2cc patch in toyland climate2012-05-26 14:47

1848NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewLowstring codes2011-08-31 15:11

17242cc train setBugNewLowSome chsnges in USSR engines.2010-10-25 13:12

16842cc train setFeatureFeedbackLowAdd new trains2010-10-20 00:07

1630NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewLowAllow using of proper units in callbacks / varaction22011-06-30 15:57

1628NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewLowWarn on missing properties2012-02-15 21:30

1609AI-TransFeatureAssignedLowImplement a Rail Servicefanioz2010-10-08 11:24

1425Total Town Replacement Set 4Code ReviewAssignedLowWater tower should be splitted into 3 filesGeorge2010-09-05 00:06

1292NewGRF build frameworkFeatureNewLowsupport version for action14 & custom_tags.txt2010-08-23 18:05

1008NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewLowverify that the program using the generated grf is new enough2010-10-03 14:08

1007NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewLowVaraction2 abstraction2010-06-12 17:18

9732cc train setFeatureNewLowinvisible engine2010-05-28 16:412.0

954NewGRF Meta LanguagePatchNewLowNFO lexer and basic parser2010-06-07 18:44

923AutopilotPatchNewLowAllow different IRC Nick than ingame nick2010-05-06 12:50

917OpenGFX+FeatureNewLowallow powerplants to close down2010-05-02 16:050.1.0

876NewGRF build frameworkFeatureAssignedLowbundle_src: include by default and make excludes configurableplanetmaker2010-03-30 18:07

867NewGRF build frameworkFeatureAssignedLowAllow support for custom txt rulesplanetmaker2010-03-26 09:17

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