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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
748AutopilotFeatureFeedbackNormallet !playercount distinguish between players and spectators2010-09-08 12:46

747AutopilotBugResolvedNormalIRC name issue2010-06-03 09:08

73932bpp-extraSupportNewNormalCompatibility to every base set.2010-02-08 21:41

716OpenGFX 32bppSupportFeedbackNormalJust another 32bpp project?2010-01-19 10:49

710DevZone Help CenterFeatureNewNormalscreenshot viewer2010-02-18 21:26

705Infrastructure SharingBugNewNormalCrashed trains on bankruptcy2009-12-31 01:45IS2.2

694Infrastructure SharingCode ReviewNewNormalpatching for release2009-12-29 19:29IS2.2

653Infrastructure SharingFeatureNewNormalsharing fees as Money2010-03-19 02:15IS2.3

652Infrastructure SharingFeatureNewNormalHandleSharingChange and its children2010-03-19 02:13IS2.3

651Comic Style HousesFeatureNewLowAllow houses to share their stringID2009-11-24 13:21

650OpenGFX 32bppSupportNewNormalPNGs - Development2009-11-23 23:37

647Comic Style HousesBugConfirmedNormalHouse availability in other climates2009-11-21 16:41

646Infrastructure SharingFeatureNewLowMake the window fully RTL/font size compatible2010-03-19 02:13IS2.3

641Infrastructure SharingFeatureFeedbackNormalgui rewrite2010-03-19 02:12IS2.3

636Infrastructure SharingBugFeedbackLowSpam spam spam lovely spam2009-11-26 17:16

627Japanese BuildingsBugNewNormalpure white pixels (alignment?)2012-03-19 01:07

573Infrastructure SharingFeatureNewNormalglobal switches -> default switches (new company template)2009-12-30 01:00

572New Monorail & Maglev TrainSetBugNewNormalGeneral compile issues2009-09-14 18:39

532OpenGFX 32bppSupportFeedbackNormal32bpp2009-11-28 01:21

522New Monorail & Maglev TrainSetFeatureNewNormalMLU002 - Code2009-08-27 18:34

309GRFCodec / NFORenumFeatureNewLowAdd support for both, win and dos NewGRF files2016-02-17 19:12

307fatmapFeatureNewNormalRemove direct access to map internals2009-07-05 20:26

290Total Bridge Replacement SetBugNewLownforenum errors on many sprites2009-08-28 19:27

162OpenGFX+FeatureNewNormalOldGFX - GUI -> do we want that?2010-08-17 09:13

1552cc train setFeatureNewLowadd a long version of the gondola wagon2009-06-06 03:59

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