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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
4126OpenGFX+ TrainsSupportFeedbackLow8bpp pixel art and 32bpp render art offsets2012-08-01 09:5732bpp

4124OpenGFX+ TrainsSupportFeedbackLowHave m4_experiment branch built nightly2012-08-03 09:31Build system

4106NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewNormalNew capacity system in OpenTTD 1.2.x2012-07-27 10:31

4102Revived US TrainsetBugNewImmediateDevZone compile failed2012-07-26 18:43

4084zBaseBugNewLowdepot blender challenges2012-10-07 12:43

4082Dutch Trains 2Feature RequestNewNormalAdditions of V100 class2012-07-20 10:44

4078Dutch Trains 2Feature RequestNewNormalLocon 9900 livery 2012-07-19 15:30

4068OpenGFX+ TrainsFeature RequestNewNormalEarly bulk wagons with lower speed limit2012-07-19 07:35

4067zBaseBugNewLowMissing 4 flat temperate flat rough terrain tiles (3996-3999)2012-10-07 12:43

4061Dutch Track SetFeatureNewLowSignals codeTransportman2012-07-15 11:42

4055TransRapid Track SetFeatureNewNormalcustom signals2012-07-09 12:21

4053NewGRF build frameworkFeature RequestNewNormalAdd support for GNU M4 macro processor2012-07-26 07:16

4047OpenGFX+ Road VehiclesBugNewNormalAutorefit is free2012-07-01 14:41

4046NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewLowReuse real sprites in container 2 GRFs2012-07-24 17:57

4031Central European Train SetFeatureNewNormalAuto-refit2012-06-21 04:15

3997Hover vehiclesMembershipNewNormalApplying for project: Hover VehiclesHazzard2012-06-21 12:35

3990Dutch Trains 2Feature RequestNewNormalExtended cargo definitions for wagons2014-01-11 16:18Code

3974OpenGFX+ TrainsBugNewNormalCargo support2012-05-11 16:41

3967TARS StationsFeatureNewNormalPlatform Experiment2012-05-07 16:06

3964TARS TownsFeatureNewNormalProgress2013-04-07 08:48

3963OpenGFXBugConfirmedNormalToy factory glitch in opengfx 0.4.42012-05-04 22:30

3962AutopilotSupportNewLowAP+ does not handle "!" commands and no greeting2012-05-04 15:33

3953Dutch Trains 2FeatureNewNormalCorrect properties for cargo wagons2014-01-20 19:11

3935SandboxSupportNewNormalAbsent2012-04-25 09:58

3917Dutch Trains 2Feature RequestNewNormalAdditional liveries requestsVoyager12014-08-14 16:51Graphics

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