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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
6754CATS Adaptive Train StationsFeatureNewNormalCARGO LIST2014-01-31 12:05

6753CATS Adaptive Train StationsFeatureNewNormalSystematic Concept2014-02-03 13:29

6743Swedish RailsFeatureNewNormalcolouring on minimap2014-01-27 10:09Railtypes

6739OpenGFX+ IndustriesFeature RequestNewImmediate"Unnatural" snow awareness2014-01-23 12:08

6738Dutch Trains 2FeatureNewLowVariable speed limits for cargo wagons2014-07-20 12:48

6732Library: Pathfinder.RoadBugNewNormalUpdate Pathfinder.Road to use AI API instead of GS API2014-01-18 17:23

6727NewGRF Meta LanguageBugNewUrgentNo Linux builds?2015-04-11 16:12

6716Admin SoapFeature RequestFeedbackLowEnable custom commands2014-01-17 14:38

6679FIRS Industry Replacement SetFeatureNewNormalAnimate the Dredging Site2013-12-28 13:15Animation

6677FIRS Industry Replacement SetFeatureNewNormalPlastics Plant - bit lifeless, more greeble2015-05-24 14:23Industries

6673Finnish TrainsetFeature RequestNewNormalNoab2013-12-24 19:19

6671FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewUrgentHeart of Darkness needs proximity checks2015-08-26 18:56

6667FIRS Industry Replacement SetBugNewUrgentForest date-sensitive graphics aren't2015-08-26 18:56

6658Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsFeatureNewNormalAllow to build versioned nightly builds2013-12-17 12:11

6629Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsBugNewNormalGIT and tags causes odd things to happen.2013-12-06 22:51

6624OpenGFX+ AirportsBugNewNormalParameterized Catchment areas2013-12-05 16:18

6613OpenGFX+ TrainsBugNewNormalmaglev refrigerator wagon2013-12-02 17:29

6548NewGRF Meta LanguageCode ReviewNewNormalMove re-randomization in its own CB2013-11-13 16:26

6520Japanese TrainsBugNewLowCapacity setting for passenger and mail cars not working2014-05-21 05:17

6515Japanese TrainsFeatureNewNormalsupport webtranslator2013-10-31 01:33

6512OpenGFX BigGUIBugNewNormalAutorail icon in 2x zoom2013-10-27 12:29

6511OpenGFX BigGUIBugNewNormalMissing sprites2013-10-27 15:16

6510DACh - Narrow GaugeFeatureNewNormalMUs2014-02-03 19:42

6508xUSSR SetFeatureNewLowДобавить окраски ЮКОС и SFAT для 15-15472014-06-13 18:30Вагоны Грузовые

6495CHIPS Station SetBugNewNormalCompile fails on Windows/MinGW2013-10-16 16:06

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