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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
7229zBaseBugNewNormalAlignment errors2014-10-15 20:25

1914OpenGFXCode ReviewNewNormalAlignment of maglev engines2011-11-08 10:17

7774Dutch Road FurnitureFeatureNewNormalAll lanes closed for matrix signs2015-09-22 18:30

2866NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewNormalallocate parameters more dynamically2011-07-18 15:08

5177WebtranslatorFeatureNewLowAllow access to precise time stamp2013-02-27 21:44

923AutopilotPatchNewLowAllow different IRC Nick than ingame nick2010-05-06 12:50

4772Dutch Trains 2FeatureNewNormalAllow flipping of certain engines2014-01-11 16:19

651Comic Style HousesFeatureNewLowAllow houses to share their stringID2009-11-24 13:21

8434PolTramsFeature RequestNewNormalAllow mail and valuables on modern work trams2017-03-05 22:29

6380WebtranslatorFeatureNewNormalAllow more intermediate roles between TRANSLATOR and OWNERfrosch2013-09-11 21:43

4222NewGRF Meta LanguageFeature RequestNewLowAllow more than 64 user-defined parameters2012-09-24 09:03

867NewGRF build frameworkFeatureAssignedLowAllow support for custom txt rulesplanetmaker2010-03-26 09:17

6658Makefile for NML-based NewGRFsFeatureNewNormalAllow to build versioned nightly builds2013-12-17 12:11

5933DevZone Help CenterSupportNewNormalAllow to define published content2014-03-11 18:42Compile Farm

7172DevZone Help CenterFeatureNewNormalAllow to skip cleaning working dirplanetmaker2014-09-20 09:08Compile Farm

5318WebtranslatorFeature RequestNewNormalAllow to verify / review updates via file upload before comitting them2013-03-19 18:34

1630NewGRF Meta LanguageFeatureNewLowAllow using of proper units in callbacks / varaction22011-06-30 15:57

2943Central European Railway Track SetCode ReviewNewNormalAlternate rail type label OTTD patch2011-08-07 18:11

7902FRISS - Rail InfrastructureFeatureNewNormalAlternate two-way path signal (low speed branch tracks / rest of the tracks) parameter missing2015-12-20 21:50

2594OpenGFX+ IndustriesFeatureNewNormalAlternative Graphics for LumberMill2011-05-08 12:41

1302OpenGFXFeatureNewLowalternative maglev sprites?2013-10-26 23:01Base

3460NewGRF Meta LanguageCode ReviewNewNormalAlways use DOS palette2012-01-06 11:32

7941Hungarian SetFeatureNewNormalamof152016-01-07 12:56

3862SuperLibBugNewNormalan application to AIRail.IsRailTilesConnect2012-03-24 00:07

3962AutopilotSupportNewLowAP+ does not handle "!" commands and no greeting2012-05-04 15:33

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