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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
1646AI-TransBugNewNormalWater Pathfinder didn't count the 'actual' distance2010-10-15 04:30

1648AI-TransBugNewNormalTrams need a closed loop2010-10-15 04:45

1650AI-TransBugNewNormalCrash: assertion failed on TownManager2010-10-15 04:55

17242cc train setBugNewLowSome chsnges in USSR engines.2010-10-25 13:12

1834AdmiralAIBugNewNormalstopped trains in depot not sold2010-11-12 18:24

1934WebOTTDBugConfirmedNormalNot replaceable string in css2010-12-05 08:53Core

2134OpenGFX+ Road VehiclesBugNewLowvery small 2cc patch in toyland climate2012-05-26 14:47

21412cc train setBugNewNormalbigboy new parts2011-01-08 22:23

21742cc train setBugNewNormalBlinking flag2013-02-06 20:13

22102cc train setBugNewNormalSharknose: Unshaded sprites2011-01-28 18:14Graphics

22242cc train setBugNewNormalNew York R12011-01-30 00:54

22252cc train setBugNewNormalLa Brugeoise: Allignment bug2011-01-30 08:18Graphics

2277Swiss Town NamesBugNewImmediateDevZone compile failed2011-02-07 17:21

2284OpenGFX+ TrainsBugNewNormalMake use of special sprites for the purchase list2012-07-25 14:010.3.0

2448#openttdcoop Server Patch PackBugNewImmediateDevZone compile failedAmmler2011-03-18 19:10

2454NewGRF build frameworkBugNewLowDependancy build: relative file paths.2011-03-21 16:04

2515#openttdcoop Client Patch PackBugNewImmediateDevZone compile failedAmmler2011-04-11 01:24

255132bpp-extraBugNewLowGRF stops working if un-tared2011-04-21 06:06

25802cc train setBugResolvedNormalIncompatibility with nutracks2011-05-04 17:40

2593OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalLumber mill not automatically created in arctic2011-05-08 12:16

2612OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalSome industries and cargos use the same colours.2011-11-20 19:09

26312cc train setBugNewNormalVarious graphics glitches2011-05-14 19:46Graphics

2664German town namesBugNewNormalDuplicate town names generated?2011-05-27 12:54

2682OpenGFX+ IndustriesBugNewNormalAvoid having too much oil rigs under some conditions2011-05-29 08:09

2693OpenGFXBugConfirmedNormalColour of rail balast2011-12-17 01:00Base

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