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Good {morning, day, evening, night},

I've just created an account, as I am taking steps to try and create a new/update the current version of the Dutch Train Set. I've already made a few patches, which were quite the guerilla editing to be honest, so I was looking to access the actual repository, create a branch to work on, and at some point publish something new.

For now I've been collecting all kinds of data that concerns The Dutch Train Set (I've even managed to organise a field trip to the dutch railway museum with the student association in a few weeks :P ), and I'll be mostly updating the numbers, adding some complexity regarding liveries, capacities and all the like, as well as trying to add a few features to select the approach the player wants to take with the NewGRF. My ideas seem to have been well-received on, as everyone reacted positively on the things that I had been implementing already.

For now I would like to improve on the current version of The Dutch Train Set, but I might, if I become adept enough at constructing makefiles, create a new set from scratch eventually.

I'm a second year Computer Science student at Universiteit Leiden, so my programming skills shouldn't be too bad. However, I can see I still have a lot to learn the more I look into all sorts of things around here.

I hope you can help me,



#1 Updated by planetmaker about 2 years ago

Hi, I shall have no problem granting you access. All it needs is a valid ssh key so that you can be given commit rights to the repositories. For instructions see

In the (not so terribly distant) future I plan to migrate all repositories to GitHub. I've already created a openttdcoop team there and migrated some repositories. Thus if you prefer to use a repo over there, I shall be happy to add you to the openttdcoop team there and grant you commit rights to the github clones of these repositories (and create ones of those which I haven't migrated yet). Maybe that's your preferred choice? I will need your github account name in order to add you there.

The build service offered here shall remain active irrespective of where the repo is hosted.

btw, there's the "Dutch Trainset" and there's the "Dutch Trains".... check which you like to start from (I don't mind either - probably the newer one is more interesting)

#2 Updated by Higaphix about 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply. If all projects are already being migrated to GitHub, I might as well join that. Username is the same, so that won't be hard.

I was talking about The Dutch Train Set 2. :-)

#3 Updated by planetmaker about 2 years ago

You got an invite over there

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