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Added by Transportman almost 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2018-07-12
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Target version:3.0-alpha2



This has been my go-to train set for ages and is still the best one by far.

I've spotted a few balance issues,

I think the capacity on the 4th Gen Box needs increasing. the 3rd Gen Box has a capacity of 40 and a length of 0.4 giving it a capacity per tile of 100. The 4th Gen Box has a capacity of 42 and a length of 0.45 giving it a capacity per tile of 93.3 (less than the 3rd gen). An increase to 48 would give a capaicity per tile of 106.6 (a small inprovement over the 3rd Gen).

There's a few speed limits I would like to highlight also,

The 4th Gen Heavy Flat has a speed limit of 63mph which is the same as the standard 4th Gen Flat. I think it needs reducing to 50mph to compensate for it's higher capacity.

The same could be said about the 5th Gen Super Heavy Flat Vs the 5th Gen Heavy Flat. Also i think the Super Heavy Flat should be refittable to the same cargos as the other heavy flats.

The 5th Gen Box has the same speed limit as the 4th Gen Box. If this was increased to 100mph, It would differenciate it from the 4th Gen Box. You could reduce capacity to, say, 55 to compensate?

I see the incorrect weight on the 4th Gen Container Carrier has been fixed (good work), but i think it needs a speed increase to 100mph to compensate for it's low capacity vs the 4th Gen Box Car.

The Speed on the 5th Gen Container Carrier could then be incereased to 125mph as an improvement over the 4th Gen Container Carrier.

EDIT: Just spotted another bug. The capacity of all the wagons with "Goods" as thier default cargo drops by half when refitted to any other cargo. Found this with FIRS 3.

I love the powerful diesel engines in this set (i got a thing for diesels, hence the name!).

I've tried other train sets and i always come back to this one. Great work

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