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Expose more town properties for house varaction2/switches

Added by zephyris over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The NMLC specs list 13 properties of towns (see https://newgrf-specs.tt-wiki.net/wiki/NML:Towns ). In NFO several more are accessible, including two very useful ones (see http://www.ttdpatch.de/grfspecs/Transport_Tycoon_Deluxe_savegame_internals.html):
  • 0x80+0x00: XY location of town centre (already accessible for industries)
  • 0x80+0x12: Bitmask of town state. Includes whether the town has a church or stadium (already accessible) and whether it is currently growing (not available).

Could these be added?


#1 Updated by zephyris over 2 years ago

I also noticed one more missing variable, present in NFO but not NML:
*0x41: Town index

#2 Updated by frosch over 2 years ago

  • XY position is hardly useful. It only works for 256x256 maps.
  • What would be the use for "town index"?
  • "town_is_growing" should be added.

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