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Water fix

Added by PaulC over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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In r869 the level water tile for canals was changed to match rivers, but this has left a mismatch with locks and aqueducts, so the same change should be made for these as well.

Also r856, a similar change was made for fountains. Hotel swimming pool should also be changed.

water_mismatch.png (252 KB) PaulC, 2017-12-16 18:46

waterfeatures.png (136 KB) PaulC, 2017-12-16 18:53

temprtbuilds.png (59.9 KB) PaulC, 2017-12-16 18:53

extra-plus-canals.pnml (6.22 KB) PaulC, 2017-12-16 19:04


#1 Updated by PaulC over 2 years ago

Updated sprite sheets for aqueduct and hotel. I've modified the existing sprites so no code change required, but I can split the updated sprites into a new png if that is preferred.

#2 Updated by PaulC over 2 years ago

Code change for locks sloped water.

Done. :)

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