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Show up errors better: hide "Loading sprites....pcx" output from grfcodec

Added by andythenorth over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Grfcodec produces a lot of terminal output that looks like:
"Loading sprites/pcx/other/cargoicons.pcx(Transparency:100%, Redundancy:100%)"

This is not of any use to me. Never has been. It just puts a lot of noise in the terminal window. I want less noise, more signal! If we hid this output, errors would show, and I wouldn't have to scroll the terminal window every fricking time I make :)

So, is there a way for make to hide this pointless output, and just keep the useful (errors).


#1 Updated by Ammler over 9 years ago

simple workaround would be:

make <whatever> | less

#2 Updated by andythenorth over 9 years ago

To avoid possible confusion, I mean 'grfcodec used in the context of the makefile'!

#3 Updated by planetmaker about 9 years ago

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Implemented in r126,136

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