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TTDP compatibility

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I counted the number of available engines and wagons in r477 from the purchase menu. The number was ~105 < 116. Shouldn't we just scrap backward compatiblity, apply a continuous numbering scheme (screw 'nice' vehicle IDs - who cares anyway, if they're defined once?) and make this set available for TTDP, too? Maybe there were missing some wagons, but then we could conditionally skip some highID engines.


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#1 Updated by DJNekkid over 10 years ago

There still miss a handfull of engines (american optional-double-head-types, about 6 or so of them), 1st generation wagons, plus i would like to make two generations of each wagonspriteset, with lower/higher design speed and capacity.

Its not that i dont want patch support, but we can try to go for it when we are "done" with the entier thing, and see what engines we should keep, and what is redundant.

#2 Updated by Ammler about 10 years ago

I would withdraw that until you got a serious request from a TTDP user...

#3 Updated by DJNekkid about 10 years ago

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