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Liveries unavailable

Added by dreadtania almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2016-03-09
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Target version:2.2.0


Due to a bug, that started a few updates(/years) of OpenTTD ago some liveries are currently unavailable, this happens to (but probably not limited to) Mat '40 EID5. Also when coupling EID's together livery options on some consists become bugged and are unchangeable untill consist is again standalone.

Year depentent livery however still seems to work flawlessly.

PS, don't mind the build date which is 5000000. This is to prevent rising running costs on long gameplay (I keep track of my own timeline). I did test this bug with 'normal' date with the same results.

Knipsel.JPG - Example of Mat '40 EID5 & Mat '36 EID2/3 (107 KB) dreadtania, 2016-03-09 22:13

World 9.sav - Save game (1.21 MB) dreadtania, 2016-03-09 22:24


#1 Updated by dreadtania almost 5 years ago

Forgot to mention: both Dutch Trainset 2.0 and OpenTTD are up to date.

OpenTTD: version 1.5.3
Dutch Trainset version: 2.1.0

Also included the save game i currently play, however this bug exists in other/new (clean) game's too.

Save game has been altered with Scenario_Developer = true, but as mentioned in the above post, the bug started with an OpenTTD update (not sure which one as this bug is already going for 1 to 2 years)

#2 Updated by Transportman almost 5 years ago

I think for those trains, after a certain year you get a "different" vehicle. Does the purchase text for these vehicles indicate something like that? That certain properties change after a certain year? Because if the vehicle is "different", you can also get different livery options as the original liveries are not available for that "different" vehicle.

#3 Updated by dreadtania almost 5 years ago

Yes you're right, i have seen this happen not only with complete different type's but als with EID's of the same type but different lenght's(/year of introduction).

I am however not sure if this could be counted as a bug for Dutch Trainset developers or not. since coupling together vehicle's creates more game based problems, whereby for example the second train in line is not couted towards your vehicle capactity, and it's loss of name (which can really frustrate me as a number geek :P ).

In this case i would rather focuss this issue towards the faulty livery selection for single EID 40 EID5 units and possible others vehicle's.

#4 Updated by Transportman almost 5 years ago

Liveries over multiple vehicles indeed is a bit of a hassle to set, but you can still set it for each individual vehicle (or in the case of the MUs, consists).

Regarding the Mat'40 EID5, according to the code there should be 5 liveries, so something is off there. Are other vehicles such as the VIRM and Koploper working as expected, or do they also lack liveries? Do you know when OpenTTD changed the behavior?

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