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Additional (side) challenges

Added by andythenorth over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Perhaps side challenges would be fun. Cargo goals would remain the primary gameplay, but some fraction of goals could be things like:

- double the population of a town
- fund an industry
- suburban transport: build n stations in a city, and transport x amount of pax from each
- inter-city transport: connect n cities, and transport pax in both directions
- postman: suburban or inter-city mail transport


#1 Updated by Alberth over 4 years ago

Specific stations doesn't work, monitoring deliveries is like subsidies, industries or entire towns, without specific stations that the cargo must go through

#2 Updated by Alberth over 4 years ago

Also, there is only "from" or "to", "between" is not available, other than by comparing the "from" with the "to" amount, but that may be completely unrelated, or be 'dirtied' with other transport.

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