Feature Request #7589

Add "Proof-read" language

Added by frosch about 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2015-03-22
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Usually the base language is en_GB, but in most cases the author is no native speaker.

Eints should help with some function for proof-reading the base language.
  • Strings are "translated" normally from "base language" to "base-language (proof-read)", that is with the same statistics and filters like "done", "outdated" and "missing".
  • The project owner can view differences between "base language" and "base language (proof-read)".
  • The project overview could feature some statistic that says X strings in the base language have suggestions pending.
  • To apply the proof-read strings to the projects, the project owner downloads the proof-read language file and replaces the base language file with it.
  • The proof-read language file is not commited automatically to the repository. (not as base language and not as some other language)

I am not sure whether the "confirmation" can be automated into a commit. Currently we never download the base language from eints, to avoid breaking projects thoroughly.

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