Bug #7521

Don't make goals that can be achieved by already existing transport

Added by Alberth almost 6 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Alberth almost 6 years ago

Perhaps keep a list of 'done' destinations (destinations that have been used 2 or 3 times for some cargo), and drop these from the available destinations?
We could monitor those destinations for activity say 20-30 years, before re-using them again. (Not exactly foolproof, as a user can just sell all trains, and buy them again when needed.)

#2 Updated by andythenorth over 5 years ago

Attached patch tracks won_goals.

- there's no provision for allowing goals to be revisited again after 20-30 years
- there's no attempt to track continuing provision of transportation
- patch does not do the right thing to serialise/rebuild won_goals table in save/load operations, so won_goals is lost on savegame load

#3 Updated by Alberth about 5 years ago

Revision 104:f214439d5d3f adds a monitoring time for the new goals before they are admitted as goal. This should catch anything that is delivering cargo, including transport you built yourself. The monitoring time may need some tweaking.
Together with providing more routes to the generator in revision 99:d1ef9b96d114, you should now get a greater variety of goals, and no duplicates.

#4 Updated by Alberth over 2 years ago

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This seems fixed now

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