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Compatibility to every base set.

Added by Ammler almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Isn't the aim of this set to be compatible also with ttd original base set?

But IMO, with including OpenGFX graphics you will break that.

But I have also no final solution, how to solve it. I still think, there should be found a solution together with the devs.

One idea is, to make a dummy extra grf, which will be loaded automatically (special GRFID) but doesn't orverride 8bpp sprites.


#1 Updated by GeekToo almost 11 years ago

The aim of the set is to make 32bpp tars work with both base graphics sets. Without a newgrf, tars with png will work only for either original dos/windows users or for opengfx users but not for both, unless all sprites are duplicated and renumbered or symlinked in the tar.
By providing a newgrf, a number base is established, based upon which the pngs can be numbered, and then they will work for both groups of users.

If you meant compatible in graphics style, then you're correct, but it is not a big issue, because that is only the case as long as no 32bpp replacement graphics are available.

About your idea: it consist of two parts
  1. automatic loading of a newgrf if present and if 32bpp blitter is specified could be useful, and is well implementable I think.
  2. the other part is ignoring the 8bpp override. This will give more trouble, and I'm not sure how to imagine that: 32bpp sprites are numbered according to their 8bpp counterparts in the newgrf. So the newgrf would still have to have the actions 5 and the correct number of sprites after it, but without specifying an 8bpp sprite for it. That would mean a rather dramatic change in newgrf handling. But maybe I misunderstood what you meant, I'm still learning newgrfish

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