Bug #7355

Station rating never goes above 40%

Added by ChrizC almost 6 years ago.

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Multiple stations I have will never go above 40% even though there's 0 cargo waiting, always a train or plane waiting to load cargo, with a statue in the nearby town and is very well serviced with fast vehicles.

It's affected by either OpenGFX+ Trains 0.3.0, OpenGFX+ Industries 0.3.5, OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles 0.4.1 or OpenGFX+ Airports 0.4.2, or any combination of the four.
I removed all 4 newGRF's using scenario_developer true, and the rating shot up to 80%+.

Savegame is attached, it's focused on the main culprit station (Marnbridge South).

OpenTTD version 1.4.4.

Sadingbury Transport, 23rd Aug 2010.sav (1.96 MB) ChrizC, 2014-12-18 15:38

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