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3rd cargo for 4X

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Currently, 4X only accepts FOOD and BDMT, and determines maximal amount from nearby town population.

It would be nice to have some other choices: (while keeping the current mechanism as one of them)

1. Town-growing-oriented YETI:
  • 4X accepts Passengers to determine max amount of production
  • OR 4X accepts Mail to determine max amount of production
  • I would purposedly remove the check of "nearby town size" in order to allow some creativity of bringing passengers from OTHER towns :D
2. Industry-oriented YETI:
  • all primary industries generate [YETY] - Tired YETI dudes in 1:1 ratio of delivered YETI dudes
  • 4X accepts YETY to determine max amount of production (not x1)
  • When amount produced is 1x, this probably creates a wtf loop since you cannot produce more than you took (even in perfect scenario due to loss on station ratings etc), so there should be some other influence?
  • Perhaps amount of delivered YETY could just ADD to the Default monthly production of 4X, so you would "recycle" the brought dudes, while adding the monthly production to the cycle.
The parameters would look like:
  • a) 4X accepts PASS
  • b) 4X accepts MAIL
  • c) 4X accepts TIRED YETI dudes
  • d) 4X accepts only FOOD and BDMT - current

Thoughts / code possibilities?


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Dear Santa,

this year I have been really nice and everything, I have nearly not infected other people with insanity and/or released my unholy creations upon mankind of OpenTTD.

Please if you want to give me some gift, code me this thing.

In return I eventually might at least consider to be nice AND everything also in the following year.
I almost promise I will not do mayhem with it and/or threaten other humanoids sanity with my playing results.

I love you Santa, thank you so much

Yours AssThunder SLUG_TAMER V453000

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