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Soap not OSX/BSD friendly.

Added by Marctraider almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Hi there.

Been trying Soap/Supy on OSX 10.7.5, and getting an error when using Soap plugin:

Failed to load Soap: cannot import name poll.

Apparently there is various kinds of polling mechanisms and some are broken on some Operating systems. kqueue seems to be a better alternative for OS like OSX and BSD.

Requesting support for OSX/BSD systems :)


#2 Updated by Marctraider almost 6 years ago

Yes Ive been scourging through the internet myself.

I tried 2.7 initially, then 2.7 from macports and disabled the original.

Havent tried a lower version yet but i doubt it will differ.
Also im using 10.7.5 which isnt THAT old. (i need it because my intel composer package is suited for this one, so trying mavericks etc is no option)

#3 Updated by Marctraider almost 6 years ago

Tried 2.4, 2.6, 3.4 python.

None work.

#4 Updated by Marctraider almost 6 years ago

I dont suppose this will ever be resolved mh? Its not too bad to run a vm with linux on it but with the overhead and stuff its not ideal, its like 10% cpu just by running soap in a vm.

Im actually not sure if thats normal? Even i a vm i didnt expect that much. Is there a tweak somewhere to reduce cpu somewhat? im using only the soap plugin, disabled all else.

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The os supplies the 'event notification system'. windows uses select, *nix used to use poll. poll has been replaced by epoll on most linux variants. netbsd and osx have deprecated poll in favour of kqueue. Python versions won't make a difference.

I am currently investigating if it is possible to add Kqueue to the supported mechanisms.

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#7 Updated by Marctraider almost 6 years ago

That would be great. I know time your enemy, but I small gesture will be in order if this gets added. :)

#8 Updated by Marctraider almost 6 years ago

Also In case you dont own a Mac, I could imagine it would be hard(er)? to do the stuff you need or to test stuff, so if you need me for anything or to test something you know where to contact me. (MTsPony) on IRC :)

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