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As the first complete release is done, we should now care about completeness of the source. So if someone has other source files than those already in our Mercurial Repo, it might be time to commit those to the repo too.

Or if someone would ask for the source, is it already fine enough what we have in our repo?

Do we have sources for the "pre" DevZone releases?

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Revision 709:e5e6945f6ee8
Added by foobar over 8 years ago

Add (#717): source files for rail/road stations, rail fences and tram tracks

Revision 709:e5e6945f6ee8
Added by foobar over 8 years ago

Add (#717): source files for rail/road stations, rail fences and tram tracks


#1 Updated by zephyris almost 10 years ago

I think the source at the moment (ie. 8bpp files only) is fine for the source. Graphics aren't like source code!

If you do want more source files do you mean source files as in, for example, my 32bpp production files? I am happy to upload these but it will a long time to organise (finding which files are relavent out of ~300Mb) and I still can't get access to upload to the devzone (many problems, I may try and solve it at some point!).

As for sources or earlier releases than the devzone:
The very first newGRF actiona style releases were largely managed by me, I routinely decode/encode cycle my grfs and don't use comments so the source here is identical to the decoded grf.
As for the first full base grfs I'm not sure there was actually that much done before setting it up here...

#2 Updated by Ammler almost 10 years ago

We (I) just care about the releases here: (alpha1-4)

If we offer those to download, we might also need the sources. I guess, Foobar might know, if the repo has the sources for those files too or if someone would ask about, he has those somewhere on his disk, so we can forward requests to him?

Zephyris: I guess, committing additional 300 MB to the repo wouldn't be that helpful anyway, it would make the whole cloning part a lot heavier. Maybe, we just offer you a bit userspace, where you could upload those files natively (SSH/FTP)? planetmaker?

#3 Updated by planetmaker almost 10 years ago

I think the latter might be a very good solution.

The current source of OpenGFX is IMO quite sufficient as the source repo. Anyone can build OpenGFX from it and depending upon the personal preferences it is also the "preferred form" of all files, including graphics.

On the other hand, it certainly is helpful to have the original graphics available, if they're different than a plain pixel-based format (bmp, pcx, png). Adding them as a separate download option, e.g. in the "Documents" section here of OpenGFX? It has IMO two advantages: it's directly associated with OpenGFX and it's already available.

I'm not sure how or whether there are size limitations to uploads there, though.

#4 Updated by foobar almost 10 years ago

The source I used for pre-repo releases of OpenGFX always have been decoded newgrf files. A lot of those were created by Zephyris, some by other coders. All those decoded newgrf files are in the repository and I consider /that/ as source according to the GPL terms.

I think if we want to do it properly, then the undecoded newgrf files should be added to the repository, as that is the true used source. All other files are irrelevant as source, as it just as well could be that those files are not GPL licensed. We got permission to use all these seperate newgrf files to build one OpenGFX and release it under GPL terms and nothing more than that.

And then what planetmaker just wrote. All other files might be useful for some purpose, but they don't necessarily qualify as "source of OpenGFX". They maybe would qualify as "source of source of OpenGFX".

#5 Updated by athanasios almost 10 years ago

Zephyris, your 32bpp files will be useful for the 32bpp project.

#6 Updated by planetmaker over 9 years ago

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Source files, that includes pnfo, pcx and the source images could all use a bit of a cleanup and/or refactoring:
- better commented nfo, especially the detailed purpose of the single sprites. "rail wagons" is not detailed enough, if it comes to fixing a particular one, nor is "trees" or "roads"
- better and more fine-grained structured pcx, so that single changes don't change large binary files
- better dir structure for the pcx
- same structure for the source images as for the pcx

#7 Updated by Ammler over 9 years ago

Maybe we could move the source files to subfolders called like the pcx spritecollection eg.

pcx: sprites/pcx/tropic_church.pcx
source: spirtes/sources/tropic_church/<whatever>

#8 Updated by frosch over 4 years ago

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continue in #5285

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