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Just another 32bpp project?

Added by Ammler over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Please define what this project is for

- why it has the prefix "OpenGFX"
- what is the difference to the other 32bp Replacement Project on

- Maybe you can define some milestones?


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#2 Updated by athanasios over 10 years ago

Aim is not to use ANY 32bpp sprite existing in place of 8bpp one, but a sprite that fits with the style of OpenGFX.
If the goal of the forums project is the same, then we are talking about the same project ;-), but I am afraid that this is not the case.

Unlike OpenGFX (8bpp), we do not need to rush to complete all sprites, as 32bpp ones will have same style with 8bpp ones and will blend nicely in game. We can focus more on quality and at the same time 'revisit' and 'repair' ugly 8bpp sprites too.

I drew some of my sprites both in 32bpp and 8bpp (often converted 32bpp to 8bpp) and Zephyris did the same. And probably other artists did the same. We will utilize all this artwork. So it is more clear that this project is 'OpenGFX' and not something else.

#3 Updated by planetmaker over 10 years ago

Indeed, that'd be pretty cool. Are actually maybe some of the existing 32bpp in the forums also usable for this project in the sense that they're actually the 32bpp version of what we have? At least Ben's sprites are there, too - and he also did some contributions to the 8bpp project. Maybe you can come up with a list and... yeah, start that here, commiting them (does it work so far)?

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