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Metro: minor flaws

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I have a few minor flaws discovered in the RET metros.
The RSG3 (RandstadRail) and SG3 (not RandstadRail) can be simply connected to each other, but if I do in the game then get the outside changed to the first metro car.

Also, the (R)SG3 and MG2/1 in the game as long, but in reality is the (R)SG3 12 meters longer. Comes through the vehicle in the middle.

Behind the bush (first from the right) is the same RET logo as (R)SG3.

The MG2/1 has now changed the outside 2 times.
First, he is in a mid-life revision:

But when we are the city that the subway R-net should be called, and it had to be changed again like this (I have not a good picture):

Associated revisions

Revision 904:fc4b97c04e69
Added by foobar almost 7 years ago

Fix: allow livery refit of second-in-chain for Metro (issue #7018)

Revision 913:c9f53ad5c622
Added by foobar almost 7 years ago

Feature: RET type B R-net livery (issue #3917, closes #7018)


#1 Updated by foobar almost 7 years ago

Thanks for reporting. Refitabililty was indeed a bug and has now been fixed. Please note that a vehicle refitted to "random livery" will always be the same as the first vehicle in the chain. This is how the game works. But now you can manually refit each unit in the chain to whatever you like, which was previously broken.

As for length: you're right, but I wonder if it's worth the effort redrawing the vehicles.

I've seen a different rnet livery for type B: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrotype_B_%285300-serie%29#mediaviewer/Bestand:RET_Metrorijtuig_5336_met_R-NET_Kleurstelling_op_Schiedam_Centrum.jpg
Methinks that the one in your picture is some intermediate stage that isn't completely painted, as the picture above also matches the drawing in the pdf. Either way, if the livery gets drawn it can be included. I'll ask Voyager.

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About the R-net, yes and no.

It is not finished yet, but the city had yet to make a decision. So they have deliberately not quite finished it because when there was still no decision. Because what if they had completed him, they had to remove the stickers RET where now R-net stickers are.

Forum topic (Dutch): http://www.retmetro.nl/rmforum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6228&start=250#p101687

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