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Transfer payments

Added by Hirundo over 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Target version:IS2.2


When multiple companies transfer the same cargo packets, each company should receive a part of the final payment. Currently, this is does not happen and the company that does the final delivery gets everything.

This is not part of the core IS, but it could be done in a separate patch. Patching against trunk or against IS will not matter that much in this respect (I hope) since the code of IS doesn't touch the areas related to cargo packets and payment.

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  • Subject changed from Transfer paymetns to Transfer payments

fix a typo in the issue name

#2 Updated by Hirundo almost 11 years ago

I am working on a patch for this, but it is tricky matter.

#3 Updated by Hirundo over 10 years ago

Attached is a patch that attempts to fix this issue.
I have tried to minimize memory usage increase of the cargopackets. Since there are many of these (up to a million) any gains are pretty significant.

The patch is against trunk, but applying it to IS should work relatively easily. Only conflicts should be in the saveload code.

I intend to include this in version 2.2 so it can receive some testing, before submitting it to FS. With NewGRF public airports coming up this problem may become serious enough to warrant some sort of fix even without considering IS (currently it's listed as 'Won't Fix')

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