Bug #6982

IRC to game chat does not work when a supybot command character is not set

Added by luaduck over 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2014-06-30
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Supybot has support for disabling command characters entirely and just mentioning the bot's nick when you want to control it:

(luaduck) config help reply.whenAddressedBy.chars
(RSrv1) Determines what prefix characters the bot will reply to. A prefix character is a single character that the bot will use to determine what messages are addressed to it; *when there are no prefix characters set, it just uses its nick*. Each character in this string is interpreted individually; you can have multiple prefix chars simultaneously, and if any one of them is used as a prefix the bot will assume it is being addressed. (Current value: )

The standard Soap commands work absolutely fine in this mode - I can do RSrv1: apconnect and similar absolutely fine - but no chat from IRC is forwarded to the server. As soon as I enable a command character, forwarding starts working again. Any ideas?

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