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automatic bananas-upload of release builds

Added by planetmaker over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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musa should make it possible, if an appropriate musa cfg is supplied with projects


#1 Updated by frosch about 6 years ago

Silicon Valley has implemented a "make bananas" target:
  • The META data is part of the repository.
  • Username, password and "yes I am" need to be entered interactively.
There are multiple issues with automatic uploads:
  • Simple: The "yes I am" part of Musa is always interactive.
  • Grave: Devzone needs authentication data for being able to upload.
    • Either the author has to install them in a secret position on the server; since this needs to be the OpenTTD.org password in plain text, this is terrible
    • Devzone has a group account, which is granted access by the author to upload, and is enabled via some repository .devzone files.
      • Everyone can give the Devzone some META data from some other set, and it will upload it. Terrible.
      • When forking a project, the fork gains all the META data, and it will be uploaded for the original version. Terrible.
    • Devzone has a group account, but the upload is not enabled via the repository contents. Instead it is enabled by a trusted administrator individually per project.
      • The configuration consists of a Devzone-Project -> Bananas-Unique-ID (e.g. GRFID) mapping.
      • The scripts ensure that only the correct Devzone-Project may upload stuff for a specific Bananas-Unique-ID. That is, it validates the META data from the repository.

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