Bug #6819

wlock spuriously(?) gone for NML build

Added by planetmaker over 6 years ago.

Status:ConfirmedStart date:2014-03-04
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:planetmaker% Done:


Category:Compile Farm
Target version:-


Build fails if wlock is gone which locks the working dir. See e.g.

<TheMystic> planet: is your build script looking for .hg/wlock? else I'm not sure what would be checking for it if it's just running `hg version`
<TheMystic> and if it is looking for .hg/wlock, good lord why?
<planet> TheMystic, no, I didn't even know that file exists until I saw this failure
<planet> I don't check for anything inside .hg
<TheMystic> planet: k. make it run hg with --debug --traceback
<hstuart> planet: each process modifying the working directory will take a wlock; if a wlock cannot be taken within a certain timeframe then hg will abort; if hg was killed by jenkins it might've left a stray wlock, or you might have two processes working on the same working directory at the same time
<planet> hstuart_, TheMystic it was reproducable when I triggered a build with jenkins again. I tried to reproduce it manually be going through the build steps one by one without success. But now jenkins builds without error again, too...

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